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Max’s Recipe of the Week: Taco Salad

(Max Walker’22/Staff)   This one is for the late nighters-a meal you can make in 5 minutes.   When a hot pocket doesn’t sound quite right, this can be your new go-to quick and easy meal: a beef taco salad.   It is healthy, tasty and has the perfect crunchy and creamy mix with lettuce


Max’s Recipe of the Week

Max’s grilled chicken. (Max Walker’22/Staff) With school sports in full swing, our athletes require the best postgame or practice dinner to recharge  for the following school day.  Some students’ games are late and don’t allow them the time to prepare a nutritious dinner. A chicken recipe usually does the trick when the need to prepare


The Bachelor Returns

The new season of The Bachelor has been heavily advertised on TV and in real life. (Craig James/Flickr)  The night we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Many teenagers around the world are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how 2019’s bachelor is going to pan out. Colten and his bachelorettes