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The Bachelor Returns

The new season of The Bachelor has been heavily advertised on TV and in real life. (Craig James/Flickr) 

The night we have been waiting for has finally arrived. Many teenagers around the world are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how 2019’s bachelor is going to pan out. Colten and his bachelorettes have been through it all, with Demi yelling at other competitors and Colton jumping over fences. But as this show moves on, so do the bachelorettes as they get kicked out of the game.

The final episode will premier in a double episode on March 11 and March 12, and to say the least I am stoked to see what happens at the final Rose Ceremony.       

This year’s bachelor, Colton, is a stereotypical football guy who loves to hit the gym. Apparently this personality has made all the girls fall for him. The point of this show is to find love in a few months, yet at this point in this dramatic reality TV show, love is out of the question. The beef has grown out of control,  and conspiracy theories and predictions are on the rise. This prediction game has escalated all the way to the Bachelor Fantasy League.

So whether you were rooting for Hannah B or Demi, let’s just hope this TV show stays compliant and airing. Happy Bachelor season!


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August 20, 2019