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Angela Hu'24/Staff

Taking Advantage of Our Beautiful Campus

On Wednesday, April 14, we were blessed with another campus quest. This time it was a Spring Bingo. We were allowed to explore our exquisite school grounds in the sun by scavenging mother nature to complete a bingo board. Planned by Dr. Losambe, he allowed us to enjoy ourselves and be with friends while maintaining

Janet Fireman, Sumona Lester, Beckie Hoagland (Compiled by Carolyn Vaziri'22)

A Q&A with Dr. Lester, Nurse Fireman, and Nurse Hoagland on Vaccinations

In light of the increasing number of vaccinations available in Ohio, The Academy Life sat down with US biology teacher, Dr. Lester, and our school nurses, Ms. Fireman and Ms. Hoagland, to learn more about the science and effectiveness of the three vaccines: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Pulling from both research and experience,

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Virtual Service Fair Features Summer Service Opportunities

After returning from spring break, US students may be ready to think about their summer plans. Please consider volunteering this summer if you have not completed the 45 off-campus service hours required to graduate and/or want to help our community. If you are undecided about a service site, visit the virtual Service Fair using the

Senior class president Luke Nester displays a compliment sheet. (Regan Cornelius'21)

Heartwarming Tradition: Compliment Sheets

In a year characterized by distancing, student council managed to bring their respective grades together with its annual tradition of “compliment sheets,” which consist of handwritten compliments from each class’s student council members to their peers. This gesture never fails to brighten the recipient’s day. Due to COVID, many people have felt isolated and alone, and


OnePlus: First-Ever Personable and Powerful SmartWatch

(Flickr) OnePlus, a BBK Electronics company, which specializes in Android smartphones that bring similar levels of speed, performance, and design as iPhones, has expanded its offerings to aesthetic, robust-looking smartwatches (released on April 8), with hundreds of features, and a powerful processor for all needs. Aesthetics The 46-millimeter circular design, stainless steel, sapphire glass, and dual


Welcoming Spring with a Campus Quest

While we still have to wear our masks to protect ourselves and others, the weather is finally turning warm, giving us a chance to enjoy the outdoors without freezing.  As a way to welcome the warm weather and take advantage of our beautiful campus, Dr. Losambe created an outdoor scavenger hunt that allowed us to

Academy installed another Blessing Box at the Vista Plaza in Gahanna on February 26. (Courtesy/Ms. Bening)

Blessed with another Blessing Box

Thank you to everyone who has restocked or donated to our first Blessing Box located near the United Dairy Farmers on Morse Road. Now Service Board has expanded its outreach to the community by installing another Blessing Box close to Columbus Academy on Hamilton Road.  If you would like to help ensure others are blessed


Laine’s Column

David Narayan, who has attended Academy since fifth grade, told me about his hobby of building guitars. He built his first guitar in eighth grade to get a better understanding of this instrument. Since then, he has built about one guitar every summer.   Q: How did you learn how to build guitars? David: I

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks at Interfaith Civil Rghts Rall y at the San Francisco Cow Palace, June 30, 1964 (Flickr)

Academy Honors Black History Month

Amid our uncertain world, our re-evaluation of American history, a movement for racial justice, and a raging pandemic, Academy stood in solidarity with Black Americans during Black History Month in February. As Academy celebrated Black History Month, we recognized that Black history is American history.  We celebrated Black leaders, whose names both remain at the forefront