Beware of Tracking

It is possible to block potential ways of tracking simply by looking through a browser’s settings(Screenshot/James Cao’20/Technical editor)   Ads are a part of most people’s lives: they line up on the sidelines of websites, load in the middle of videos, and pop up when you least expect them to. Some people don’t mind them


Vaziri’s Viking Voyage: The Norse Code

Miya Tiwari 22′, Carolyn Vaziri 22′, Milana Biswas 24′, andCollin Harrison 23’.(Riley Hennessey’19/Media) Carolyn Vaziri’22 has always had a passion for reading and writing. That her mother is an author and two of her sisters are esteemed writers only helps foster that interest. While her sisters have influenced her a lot, they’ve also cast quite


Academy Students Shine at Annual State Latin Convention

Academy Students Shine at Annual State Latin Convention. (Courtesy/Mrs. Bening) Each year, hundreds of Latin and classics’ scholars, along with sponsors and chaperones gather in a central Ohio hotel for the annual Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) convention. Twenty-three Academy students attended the 2018 convention, held at DoubleTree Worthington from Friday March 9 to Sunday


Academy Honors “Our Hidden Figures Revealed”

During parent group MOSIAC’s Black History Month celebration, members of the Academy community listen to COSI President and CEO Dr. Frederic Bertley speak about diversity in STEAM fields. Text and photo/Courtesy CA Facebook post) On Sunday, February 25, our MOSAIC parent group hosted a successful community event called “Our Hidden Figures Revealed: The Color of STEAM”


Peer Perspectives for Course Planning

Juniors listen to seniors’ comments. Julia Gurevitz’ 19/Media At the end of last semester, Charlie Sabgir‘20 was considering the classes that he wanted to take as a junior but soon became overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. The lack of details in the online course descriptions, such as specific homework loads and frequency of tests


We Are Grateful: Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day 2018

Senior Neena Baliga invites Ms. Garita, teachers, and staff to lunch. Riley Hennessy’20’/Media With busy schedules and daily distractions, it can sometimes be easy to take our faculty and staff at Academy for granted. From helping us with our learning to making us better citizens, Academy’s wonderful teachers, coaches, staff, and administrators are the foundation


Delegates, Decorum: NAIMUN LV

National Mall. Paul Hansen’19/Media Over four days this past weekend, thousands of the world’s hopeful future leaders travelled to Washington D.C. to attend the 55th annual North American Invitational Model United Nations, or NAIMUN. Among them were a handful of delegates representing Columbus Academy. NAIMUN is a prestigious United Nations simulation for high schoolers hosted


“Vikes Hype Up”

Little Dribblers Awe the Crowd. Paul Hansen’19/Media On Friday, February 23, students packed into “The Mack” bleachers to celebrate the end of our winter sports season and to hype up for the upcoming spring term.  To the raucous cheers reverberating through the gym, senior Vikings Luke Tiberi and Ruby Moss listed off the numerous impressive


Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog

Honors Chinese 4 students kick off  assembly with dragon dance. Julia Gurevitz’19/Media Earlier this month, millions of Chinese people around the world welcomed the beginning of a 15-day long celebration of the new year (based on the Lunar calendar) with gatherings, festivals, and of course, delicious food.  According to Chinese astrology, each year is represented


1st in Franklin County, 2nd in the State: Ohio Math League

(Pixabay) On October 17, 2017, a group of Columbus Academy upper schoolers launched into an annual series of 6 separate contests, collectively known as the Ohio Math League Competition.  The rules are as follows: Each contest is composed of 6 questions, covering material from basic algebra to calculus. With the optional use of a calculator,

— Politics


2016 Primary Preview

 In these crucial weeks leading up to the primaries, both Republicans and Democrats are seeing the unprecedented success of non-traditional candidates in their respective parties. On the left, Vermont Senator and self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is giving Secretary Clinton a closer contest than previously anticipated. And on the right, the bombastic real estate mogul and

— School News

School News

Club Fair 2017: A Festive Treat 

Art Society booth. (Inji Kang’19/Media) From Spike Ball to Future Leaders in Healthcare, this year’s Club Fair had it all. After participating in a morning of Service work, students returned to the Senior Quad to take in all of the student-run clubs offered this year. Junior Class President, Kyle Channel, organized the event. With over

— Tech Talk

Tech Talk Top Stories

Apple Targets Schools with iWork Update

Almost drowned in the hubbub of the iPhone 7 event was the announcement of collaboration features for Apple’s iWork software suite. The collection of productivity apps, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, will soon gain the ability to have multiple users edit a document simultaneously.

Tech Talk

Model 3

Tesla has yet to make a boom in the auto industry, but that is starting to change. Stirring up the nation with its release of Model 3, Tesla expects to make over $300 million in immediate revenue.

— World News

World News

Sunny Spring Break?

Ohio is usually cloudy, so sunny days are rare.  Three of our state’s cities list in the US’s top 10 of the cloudiest. Cincinnati ranks 51%, Columbus with 52%, and Cleveland—with little surprise—at 55%. On February 24, central Ohio’s was a warm 75 degrees Fahrenheit. About one week later, it was a freezing 32. For

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MagicLeap Technology Not Yet Ready

When I first heard the grandiose descriptions of the technology that MagicLeap, “the world’s most secretive startup” was producing, I dismissed it as an overwrought marketing scheme. After viewing the few demos that the company has posted, however, I can’t wait until the product is on the market. Rony Abovitz, MagicLeap’s CEO, calls the technology

World News

Solar Panels: Green or Mean?

Harnessing energy from the sun while producing little carbon emissions is no small feat. Yet for years, we have been using a technology to do just this: solar panels. These bundles of photovoltaic solar cells have always been praised for being greener than the burning of fossil fuels. Solar power is the quintessential clean energy