DESI Dazzles in Diwali Assembly

DESI Club performs a group dance to cap off its Diwali Assembly. (Chris Heermann’18) Candles lit the edge of the stage as seniors Kareena Aurora and Neena Baliga, leaders of Academy’s DESI club along with fellow senior Shreyah Mohanselvan, hosted the Diwali Assembly on Monday, November 6.  The extraordinary talent among these upper school students


AI Makes Leap after Leap

Google’s search engine uses previous searches to provide topic that are catered to your interests.  ( Amid the commotion over cutting-edge phones, refined software, and augmented reality’s promise, the evolution of artificial intelligence has been outshined by more convenient technologies. Without people noticing, artificial intelligence has managed to permeate itself into most everyone’s daily tasks.


Service Board’s 2017 “Kids For Kids”

Upper School students “beg for cans” on Beggar’s Night in Gahanna. (Chris Heerman’18/Media editor) Academy’s “Kids for Kids” drive is always a major achievement, with students, parents, and the school’s staff pitching in to serve 32 central Ohio families. From clothes stacked high in the athletic lobby to tables holding canned food items in the


Begging for Cans in Over Its 20th Year

Academy students fill carts. (Chris Heerman’18/Media editor) Academy students participated in yet another Halloween event to beg for cans on Tuesday, October 31. Begging for cans began over 20 years ago, when former history teacher, Kyle Tong, wanted Academy to get involved in collecting food on the night of trick or treat in his neighborhood, close to


Pixel 2 Art

Apple’s newest rivals: Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. (Unsplash, CC0) Google announced its newest phone to rival Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X: the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on October 4. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL boast 2700 mAH and 3520 mAH batteries respectively, and a 7-hour battery life


Repetitive Strain Injury

Avoid overusing your hand by spreading work out across multiple days. (Unsplash, CC0)   According to National Health Services (NHS), repetitive strain injury (RSI) is muscle pain due to constant overuse. This includes repetitively doing a task or doing a high-intensity task for a long time without rest. For example, writing or typing an essay


Academy Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Outreach for Latino Awareness. (Chris Heerman’18/Media editor) Annually from September 15-October 15, in lieu of recognizing the histories and cultures of various Latin-Americans’ contributions to our nation, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.  Through the efforts of ¡HOLA! (Hispanic Outreach for Latino Awareness), our Hispanic affinity group (led by a team of Academy’s parents), organizes activities ranging from


Academy Hosts Taste of Gahanna

“Nothing Bundt Cakes” (Julia Gurevitz’19/Media) On Thursday, October 19, Academy hosted the “Taste of Gahanna” event in our Dining Hall. More than 275 tickets were sold as a fundraiser for the Chamber of Commerce. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the “Roaring Twenties” theme inspired the evenings’s music, decor, and some outfits. Expressions Floral Design Studio provided the


Viking Rampage a Success in Second Year of Running

Families race to flip tires at the Viking Rampage (Sarah Neltner’20/Staff) On October 14, 2017, Academy kicked off its second annual Viking Rampage. Obstacle courses were designed by Ryan Yeoman’90 and featured three different courses, each varying in length and complexity. Yeoman placed his challenges across Academy’s 231 acres to test the participants’ agility and to entertain


A Night with the Stars: A Hollywood Homecoming

(Courtesy/Creative Commons) Academy’s upper school students took to the Dining Hall dance floor for a memorable Homecoming dance on Saturday,  October 14. After last year’s Wizard of Oz motif, the 2017 Homecoming committee took a twist on the yellow-brick road theme and created an outstanding facsimile of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.  Gold-tinted balloons and bright

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2016 Primary Preview

 In these crucial weeks leading up to the primaries, both Republicans and Democrats are seeing the unprecedented success of non-traditional candidates in their respective parties. On the left, Vermont Senator and self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is giving Secretary Clinton a closer contest than previously anticipated. And on the right, the bombastic real estate mogul and

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School News

Club Fair 2017: A Festive Treat 

Art Society booth. (Inji Kang’19/Media) From Spike Ball to Future Leaders in Healthcare, this year’s Club Fair had it all. After participating in a morning of Service work, students returned to the Senior Quad to take in all of the student-run clubs offered this year. Junior Class President, Kyle Channel, organized the event. With over

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Apple Targets Schools with iWork Update

Almost drowned in the hubbub of the iPhone 7 event was the announcement of collaboration features for Apple’s iWork software suite. The collection of productivity apps, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, will soon gain the ability to have multiple users edit a document simultaneously.

Tech Talk

Model 3

Tesla has yet to make a boom in the auto industry, but that is starting to change. Stirring up the nation with its release of Model 3, Tesla expects to make over $300 million in immediate revenue.

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World News

Sunny Spring Break?

Ohio is usually cloudy, so sunny days are rare.  Three of our state’s cities list in the US’s top 10 of the cloudiest. Cincinnati ranks 51%, Columbus with 52%, and Cleveland—with little surprise—at 55%. On February 24, central Ohio’s was a warm 75 degrees Fahrenheit. About one week later, it was a freezing 32. For

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MagicLeap Technology Not Yet Ready

When I first heard the grandiose descriptions of the technology that MagicLeap, “the world’s most secretive startup” was producing, I dismissed it as an overwrought marketing scheme. After viewing the few demos that the company has posted, however, I can’t wait until the product is on the market. Rony Abovitz, MagicLeap’s CEO, calls the technology

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Solar Panels: Green or Mean?

Harnessing energy from the sun while producing little carbon emissions is no small feat. Yet for years, we have been using a technology to do just this: solar panels. These bundles of photovoltaic solar cells have always been praised for being greener than the burning of fossil fuels. Solar power is the quintessential clean energy