Steering our Way Towards Self Driving Cars

 Google’s self driving car during testing. ( Companies like Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Google, and Toyota took this year’s Consumer Electronic Show by storm as they brought their plan to facilitate safe and driver-less transportation to light. Out of these companies, Google has done the most on-road testing with its spinoff company Waymo, but none



Following the Project Linus event on Monday, January 15, members of the Latin Club participated in an OJCL-sponsored Certamen invitational.  Certamen, a quiz bowl-styled trivia game, has teams arranged middle schoolers to more advanced levels of Latin. Each round consists of 20 questions, with teams playing 3 rounds. The format for each question is similar


Academy’s Annual Project Linus

Students at work on Monday, May 15 for annual Project Linus. (Courtesy/Christy Bening) On January 15, 2018, Columbus Academy held its annual Project Linus event for the seventh year. Project Linus is a national organization that sends handmade blankets to children who have experienced trauma or loss. This event is held countrywide, yet anyone can


Gathering of Technological Innovation

The crowd at CES. (Flickr, CC0) From January 9-12, 2018, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) annual convention took place in Las Vegas. CES,  a technology-oriented event, features products and trade ideas from the biggest tech companies from around the world, except Apple, which has its own mini-CES: WWDC.)  CES showcases the latest creations in entertainment,


Honoring Dr. King’s “Beloved Community” at CA’s Annual Tribute

Dancers from Leap of Faith Dance Studio perform at the MLK Day Assembly (Chris Heermann’18/Media)  Inspired by Dr. King’s vision of a “Beloved Community,” Academy honored his vision of a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love. Mixed classes of 9th-11th graders engaged in Community CAfe style discussions prior to our annual assembly to


Academy Seniors Win Ohio Fall Stock Market Challenge

(Image: The Stock Market has started the new year off with a bang, with the Dow-Jones Industrial Average closing at record breaking highs above 25,000, and for the first time ever, the Nasdaq exceeded 7,000. Five Academy seniors capitalized on the pasts week’s record-breaking stock market closings in a huge fashion. Davis Friedman, Herman


Empty Bowls Another Success

Alumna Juliana Wilder’17 and Kelley Antoine’18 put bowls on display. (Courtesy/Christy Bening) After weeks of hard work, the ceramics students finally saw their art come to life on Friday, December 8. Academy’s second Empty Bowls event took place at Otterbein University in collaboration with the Westerville Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Rahe said his favorite part was


Third Quarter: More Legos

Ready. Set. Legos! (Rhian Seneviratne’20/Staff) One week after returning from Winter Break on January 8, we will observe MLK, Jr. Day on January 15. A month later, classes will be cancelled for a Professional Development day on February 16, followed by a day off on the 19th for Presidents Day. No classes are scheduled for


Redesigned Exam Times a Win-Win

Many people are wondering why there is a Friday exam this year, compared to years prior. This change will affect students’ studying and preparation in a major way: affording them an extra 3-5 hours on Friday to prepare. According to Mr. Dow, the Dean of Scheduling, this year’s calendar has pushed us forward before the


J.D. Vance: 2017 Speaker in Annual Celebration of Leadership

Following the annual Celebration of Leadership Assembly, the Academy Life Editorial Board met with J.D. Vance to discuss his experiences outlined in his book, “Hillbilly Elegy.” A condensed version of the interview lightly edited for clarity and grammar appears below. Photo by Inji Kang’19.  Click HERE to view Vance’s “TED Talk.”  On “survivor’s guilt”:  I

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2016 Primary Preview

 In these crucial weeks leading up to the primaries, both Republicans and Democrats are seeing the unprecedented success of non-traditional candidates in their respective parties. On the left, Vermont Senator and self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, is giving Secretary Clinton a closer contest than previously anticipated. And on the right, the bombastic real estate mogul and

— School News

School News

Club Fair 2017: A Festive Treat 

Art Society booth. (Inji Kang’19/Media) From Spike Ball to Future Leaders in Healthcare, this year’s Club Fair had it all. After participating in a morning of Service work, students returned to the Senior Quad to take in all of the student-run clubs offered this year. Junior Class President, Kyle Channel, organized the event. With over

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Tech Talk Top Stories

Apple Targets Schools with iWork Update

Almost drowned in the hubbub of the iPhone 7 event was the announcement of collaboration features for Apple’s iWork software suite. The collection of productivity apps, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, will soon gain the ability to have multiple users edit a document simultaneously.

Tech Talk

Model 3

Tesla has yet to make a boom in the auto industry, but that is starting to change. Stirring up the nation with its release of Model 3, Tesla expects to make over $300 million in immediate revenue.

— World News

World News

Sunny Spring Break?

Ohio is usually cloudy, so sunny days are rare.  Three of our state’s cities list in the US’s top 10 of the cloudiest. Cincinnati ranks 51%, Columbus with 52%, and Cleveland—with little surprise—at 55%. On February 24, central Ohio’s was a warm 75 degrees Fahrenheit. About one week later, it was a freezing 32. For

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MagicLeap Technology Not Yet Ready

When I first heard the grandiose descriptions of the technology that MagicLeap, “the world’s most secretive startup” was producing, I dismissed it as an overwrought marketing scheme. After viewing the few demos that the company has posted, however, I can’t wait until the product is on the market. Rony Abovitz, MagicLeap’s CEO, calls the technology

World News

Solar Panels: Green or Mean?

Harnessing energy from the sun while producing little carbon emissions is no small feat. Yet for years, we have been using a technology to do just this: solar panels. These bundles of photovoltaic solar cells have always been praised for being greener than the burning of fossil fuels. Solar power is the quintessential clean energy