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Welcome Lynn Magovern and Javon’e Williams

(Courtesy of Lynn Magovern and courtesy of Javon’e Williams) Freelancing, Awareness, and Expression: Lynn Magovern Lynn Magovern has taught English at the Emma Willard School in New York and Belchertown High and then Williston Northampton, both in  Massachusetts. She will sub for Ms. Carmichael, who is on maternity leave. What were your experiences prior to arriving


Kim Ng: Breaking Barriers

Marlin’s field, where Kim Ng will become the first female General Manager in MBL (Wikimedia Commons) After 151 years in existence, Major League Baseball has its first female General Manager.  Kim Ng, named by Derek Jeter as the Miami Marlins General Manager, will bring her career and their relationship full circle. One of Ng’s first roles

Academy urges families to observe C-19 restrictions over November holiday (Flickr)

Keeping Academy Safe after Thanksgiving Break Travels

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, Academy is faced with yet another challenge: how to stop the spread of the coronavirus after students travel during the break.  This past weekend, the school resumed its 50% capacity, given Franklin County’s rise in virus cases. With only a few weeks until the winter break, Academy is doing

Academy teachers and students transport donations to Service Board's sponsored families. (Courtesy/Christy Bening)

Service Board “Delivers”

(Courtesy/Christy Bening) Thanks to everyone who supported our school’s KIDS 4 KIDS service tradition. Due to your generosity, 30 families and clients of the Helping Hands Food Pantry in Reynoldsburg will be served. On Tuesday November 10, while many US students were home studying and teachers were collaborating, Service Board was helping our greater community.

Max Popp'22 writing a letter. (Julia DeVore'22/News)

Students Support Military Personnel Through Letters

Max Popp’22 pens a message to military personnel. (Julia DeVore’22/News) On November 12 and 13, students wrote letters to active, reserve, and veteran military personnel through the organization “A Million Thanks,” which will deliver these mailings during December around the holidays. “A Million Thanks,” a non-profit, supports military personnel and their families. For over a

Alex Trebek (Wikimedia)

Remembering Alex Trebek

On November 8, long time “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek passed away from pancreatic cancer. Trebek announced his illness on March 6, 2019, letting everyone know he was going to fight. Following his announcement, he was met with tons of love and support across the nation. Even with stage four pancreatic cancer, Trebek never left the


PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Console Gaming’s Future

(Flickr)   On November 10, 2020, Microsoft released its stunning new Xbox Series X. Two days later, Sony released its revolutionary PS5 .   While both consoles provide 4k gaming at 120 frames per second (fps), there are notable differences.   Sony’s ambitious curvature design is a clear deviation from conventional gaming consoles. With one


A Message from the Editors to our School Community

(Flickr) From Regan Cornelius, Josh Tu, and Carolyn Vaziri Given former Vice-President Joe Biden’s win over President Donald J. Trump and the divisive climate surrounding the election, we at “The Academy Life” extend invitations for all points of view. If your beliefs differ from our greater school’s population, please feel encouraged to let your voice be