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Dr. Acton discusses healthcare with U.S. Air National Guard Lt. Col. Timothy Stuhlmiller. (Wikimedia Commons)

Ohio’s Department of Health Director: Amy Acton

Every weekday at 2 p.m. Ohioans tune in to hear Governor Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted, and Ohio Department of Health Director, Amy Acton, to catch the latest news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Acton has spearheaded the Ohio response to coronavirus– becoming one of the most proactive medical professionals in the nation.  Acton

Images from 1914 - 1919

1918: Sickness Strikes School 

In 1918, it wasn’t the Spanish Flu that was weighing on the minds of Academy boys. The boys were much more distracted by the prospects of the Great War.  While their classmate, Carey Evans’14, and beloved teacher, Master Albert Field, were off fighting in Europe, Academy boys continued to train on the front lawn with

Seniors can learn something new through databases edX and Coursera (Wikimedia Commons)

Seniors: edX and Coursera Are Here for Your Senior Projects

COVID-19 has brought Senior traditions into question as the year moves forward, and for many 12th grade students, the coronavirus has forced a process of rethinking and reconstructing the Senior project.  For those sifting and sorting through the options, edX or Coursera might just be your savior. These databases contain thousands of online courses spanning

A Passover seder plate symbolizes the Jewish people's journey towards freedom. (Wikimedia Commons) 

Passover Seder: This Year At Home, Next Year Together

Beginning at sunset on Wednesday, April 8, and lasting until sundown on Thursday, April 16, Jewish families around the world gathered in a unique way to celebrate the exodus of the Jews from ancient Egypt.  Whereas people typically travel to visit family and celebrate the holiday, stay-at-home orders and social distancing rules due to COVID-19