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Wrestling Sweeps Round Robin

Our wrestling team hosted Bloom Carroll, Briggs and Desales for a Super Tri Round Robin on Wednesday, February 5. The Vikes dominated the competition, outscoring them 69 to 30. The team traveled to a Regional Tournament on Saturday, February 8, but was knocked out by Mapleton 54 – 20. CA looks to take on New


Wrestling Rebounds from Injuries

Freshman Tigran Bdoyan. (Andrew Barren/Media editor) The wrestling team has finally recovered from a plague of injuries, with most wrestlers back and healthy for the first time in weeks. The Vikes beat Fairborn 36-33 before taking a tough loss to Fairbanks on Wednesday, January 22. On Saturday, January 25, the team traveled to Athens for


Desi Celebrates Diwali

Diyas, lamps that are typically lit during Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. (Rohit Saxena/Flickr)   Desi Club hosted its annual Diwali assembly on Friday, November 15, featuring an educational video and a few dance routines. The video informed the audience about the holiday of Diwali, which is the Hindu Festival of Lights. Academy students


Ad Astra: Breathtakingly Slow

Brad Pitt with scientist Jennifer Trosper at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. (Courtesy/ NASA/JPL-Caltech ) Ad Astra is the slow burn of slow burns. It’s a wrenching story of a son chasing after his long lost father and explores humanity and the harsh reality of space travel, paired with gorgeous cinematography. The only problem, however, is that this


Welcome, Mr. Jason Singleton, who shares Field House news

Mr. Jason Singleton, Academy’s New Athletic Director (Andrew Barren’22/Media editor) What is 1½ times the size of a hockey rink,⅓ the size of the White House. and ⅕ the size of a Manhattan city block? Columbus Academy’s upcoming 24,000-square-foot indoor Field House. A project that has been in construction since early this year, the initiative to


Academy’s Computer Science Fair: A Tech-Filled Delight

Over 100 students presented at our 6th Annual Computer Science Fair.(Katie Ranlin’22/Media) As a digitized character of Mr. Losambe caught a student red-handed wearing airpods in a lounge, “Busted” flashed across the projector screen, and the entire room erupted in an uproar of groans and laughter.  “Grand Theft Academy,” an Academy-relevant take on the popular


Boys Baseball Headed to District Semifinals

Hayden Compton’19 hitting the ball getting him to third base. (Katie Rankin’22/Media)  Our boys baseball team cruised through its first two rounds of districts this past week. Madison Plains did not receive a warm welcome on Tuesday, May 14, as Academy trounced them 10-0. Noah Glimcher’20 gave no quarter, pitching a shutout against the Golden


Boys Baseball Hits Stride before 2-3 Scrap

The Vikes had a field day on Monday, May 6, during their Senior Night, with Hayden Compton’19 pitching a no-hitter as they decimated Whitehall-Yearling 10-0 before turning around the next day and beating #2 seed East Knox in a 5-4 slugfest. On May 8, the Vikes again faced the Rams, who failed to stand their