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Amirneni and Butler Standout at Debate States

(Courtesy/Nate S.) On the weekend of March 5, 2022, Spandana A. and Lindsey B. competed in the Ohio Speech and Debate state tournament representing Columbus Academy.  Lindsey and Spandana, both three-year debaters, participated in Public Forum (PF), which is a style of two-on-two debate. They prepared for issues ranging from domestic policy to international politics. Earlier


Artsmania Returns!

(Max W./Media) 2022 has represented a school year inching closer to pre-pandemic normalcy. Such sentiment was felt on Wednesday, February 16, when the upper school welcomed back artists for the biennial Artsmania celebration.  Students and faculty enjoyed a break from the school day routine for an arts-filled day off, each participating in a total of


New Faculty Feature: Perry Doran

What does a lifetime in the security field look like? For Columbus Academy’s new head of Campus Safety & Security, Perry Doran, that’s a long answer.  The Academy Life sat down with Doran to learn more about his career before he joined the CA community. Doran is a Columbus native and was raised in New


Spolter Joins 1,000-Points Club

(Liesel G./Media) On Tuesday, January 11, members of the Academy community convened in the Mack to celebrate a remarkable achievement for senior Sophie Spolter: 1,000 high school career points.  Parents, faculty, and students designed celebratory signs to honor Spolter before the girls basketball team tipped off against Fisher Catholic at 7:30.  Spolter entered the game

Tribute to our Dining Hall Director & Staff

(Photos/Andrew Barren) This month, The Academy Life sat down with Stephanie Campbell, food service director and chef at SAGE, to receive an inside perspective on how the dining hall staff has operated during both a pandemic and a food shortage.  The dining hall’s adjustments re-emphasize how every member of the school staff has stepped up


Shelby Reichle Redefines Weight Room

(Claudia Klingbeil/Media) Athletic Director, Jason Singleton, has made many positive improvements for the athletic department in his tenure at the Academy. One of his most impactful may have been the hiring of Shelby Reichle as our Athletic Performance Coach. Reichle was hired on June 1, 2020, after touring our facilities near the beginning of the


Girls Soccer Still Undefeated

Graphic/Andrew Barren Girls soccer improved to 5-0-1 after a win against Whitehall-Yearling on Saturday, September 18. Last week on September 11, the girls won on the road against Jonathan Alder. After a Pioneer goal in the first half, the Vikes struggled  to convert despite  surges of offense and domination of possession.  With 10 minutes left,


Disease,“Designer Babies,” De-Extinction: Patti Zettler‘98 Discusses CRISPR Technology and its Ethical Implications

(Courtesy/The Ohio State University) On May 24-May 25, Patricia J. Zettler ‘98 joined Dr. Lester’s ninth-grade biology classes for Q&A sessions about Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), a family of gene sequences transforming gene therapy.  Zettler, who earned a BA and JD from Stanford, pursued law school because of her interest in science


Academy’s Disciplinary and Honors Committee Welcomes New Members

(Courtesy/Pixabay) On Wednesday, May 26, Dr. Losambe announced that our Disciplinary and Honors Committee’s current junior, Russell Ahmed (elected last year), will be joined by seniors Claudia Klingbeil and Charlie Belford and by juniors Arman Arora and Katie Wu. In the application process, students had to respond to a series of short essay questions that

Janet Fireman, Sumona Lester, Beckie Hoagland (Compiled by Carolyn Vaziri'22)

A Q&A with Dr. Lester, Nurse Fireman, and Nurse Hoagland on Vaccinations

In light of the increasing number of vaccinations available in Ohio, The Academy Life sat down with US biology teacher, Dr. Lester, and our school nurses, Ms. Fireman and Ms. Hoagland, to learn more about the science and effectiveness of the three vaccines: Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Pulling from both research and experience,