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Talking about race, gender, and identity

Dr. Losambe and Ms. Berkley, organizers of this week’s discussion groups in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Carolyn Vaziri’22/Co-editor) Before Winter Break, Upper Schoolers selected from a list of discussion groups that Ms. Berkley and Dr. Losambe prepared. for various sessions that would be held in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Opinion & Editorial

It’s No Longer Summer in Australia

Australia is suffering wildfires, thunder, drought, flooding, and dust storms (Martin Snicer/Flickr)  The United States is one of Australia’s oldest allies. Two years ago, the two countries celebrated 100 years of mateship. Yet our media is giving more air time toward the heating tensions of a Warren-Sanders feud rather than the lethal blazes terrorizing our

Opinion & Editorial

Indecision is the Democrats’ Achilles Heel 

Front runners Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg vy for the Democratic nomination. (Graphic by Carolyn Vaziri’22) Democrats are torn. Thirteen primary candidates remain, locking horns for the nomination. The crowded field represents a broad ideological spectrum, from moderates like Amy Klobuchar to far-leftists like Bernie Sanders. Is the safest option to select a moderate to


Jon Wagshul: From JAG Corps to College Counselor at Academy

Academy welcomes new college counselor, Jon Wagshul. (Andrew Barren’22/Media editor) What do Tom Cruise and Assistant Director of College Counseling, Mr. Wagshul, have in common? Besides high school roots in the northeast, they were both lawyers in the Navy JAG Corps, one in the movies, one in real life. Mr. Jon Wagshul joined our school

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Trump Administration Endangers LGBTQ Americans

Same-sex couples could lose critical health care if providers choose to discriminate (Flickr/ Jose Antonio Navas).  In 2017, President Trump and vice president Mike Pence met with a legal scholar who advised them on social issues, including the likelihood of reversing Roe v. Wade. According to The New Yorker, two sources confirm that when the discussion

Opinion & Editorial

Trump’s Trance

Republican Senator Margaret Chase-Smith from Maine, 1943 (Wikimedia Commons).    Sixty-nine years ago, Senator Margaret Chase-Smith, a Republican, stood on the Senate Floor and delivered her “Declaration of Conscience,” in which she condemned her fellow party member, Senator Joseph McCarthy.    Months earlier, McCarthy had announced to the Ohio County Women’s Republican Club in Wheeling,


Maggie Rogers, Unapologetically Herself

Maggie Rogers enters to the pantheistic hymn, “Color Song.” (Charles Belford ’22/Media) Three years ago, Maggie Rogers was a second-semester senior at New York University, and she found herself in a creative slowdown with her lyrics, even contemplating the idea of becoming a music journalist instead of an artist. This weekend, she performed her first