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Because of the Constitution's 10th Amendment, states have authority over their election administration. (Carolyn Vaziri'22)
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How Will You Be Heard on November 3rd?

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed new questions for the government at both a local and national level–one of which being, how will we vote in November?  To answer this question, I set out to find an expert in election science and one of our local representatives.  I interviewed Professor M.V. Hood, a leading expert in

Illustration/Carolyn Vaziri'22

Ode to Bleach 

My presidentSaysIf I drink bleachThe “invisible enemy”Will be noMore.Why hadn’tAnyoneSaid this sooner?Oh, bleach,You make ourHandsSo sensitiveto the touch:As dry as Atacama,As cracked asThe phone my sisterDropped down the elevator shaft.But I forgive you,ForYou removeOur GrassOur MudOur Spaghetti stains.Oh, bleach!The combatter of Anything neededTo be wipedAway,You areThe nightmare ofEvery speck of dirt,Of grimeThe solution to anyCrisis.You make

Images from 1914 - 1919

1918: Sickness Strikes School 

In 1918, it wasn’t the Spanish Flu that was weighing on the minds of Academy boys. The boys were much more distracted by the prospects of the Great War.  While their classmate, Carey Evans’14, and beloved teacher, Master Albert Field, were off fighting in Europe, Academy boys continued to train on the front lawn with



Dr. John Mafi (left) and Dr. Daniel Barnett’89 /Courtesy Dr. Mafi (University of California, Los Angeles) and Dr. Barnett (Johns Hopkins). As of March 1, a sixth American died of the coronavirus near Seattle.  Florida, New York, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Massacushetts, Illinois, and Rhode Island have also reported new cases. As of

Model UN & JSA Vikes Take the Nation’s Capital

Suzy L’Hommedieu, Ashi Gunawardena, and Jake Huddleston at this year’s Model UN. (Courtesy/Amy Berkley) Over the long Presidents’ Day weekend, two groups of Columbus Academy students traveled to Washington, D.C. for Model United Nations and Junior States of America events.  Over 40 Upper School students joined nearly 3,000 national and international high school delegates at The


Regan Cornelius: State Player of the Year

(Photo/Mr. L’Hommedieu. Edited by Josh Tu’22/Staff) On January 29, 2019, MAX Field Hockey announced its state-player honorees. Among them was junior Regan Cornelius, recognized as Ohio Player of the Year.  Before the 2019-2020 fall season, Cornelius was also named the state’s preseason player of the year.  In her high school career, Cornelius is a three-time

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Iowa Caucuses Need to Go

Former Vice President Joe Biden campaign trail. (Courtesy/ Phil Roeder, Flickr) Last Monday’s election night failure in Iowa was a colossal embarrassment for the Democratic National Committee.  Two candidates, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders, declared victory amid uncertainty. While they both are taking a victory lap in New Hampshire, neither can make


Service Board Honors our Faculty & Staff

Ms. Sneeringer enjoys Servive Board’s beautiful food display. (Sarah Neltner ‘20/ Media) On Wednesday, February 3, the Service Board hosted its annual Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day in gratitude to the dedication of our school’s staff, educators, administrators, security, and kitchen and maintenance teams.  This year’s celebration was organized and executed by Ms. Bening, Ms.


Talking about race, gender, and identity

Dr. Losambe and Ms. Berkley, organizers of this week’s discussion groups in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Carolyn Vaziri’22/Co-editor) Before Winter Break, Upper Schoolers selected from a list of discussion groups that Ms. Berkley and Dr. Losambe prepared. for various sessions that would be held in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Opinion & Editorial

It’s No Longer Summer in Australia

Australia is suffering wildfires, thunder, drought, flooding, and dust storms (Martin Snicer/Flickr)  The United States is one of Australia’s oldest allies. Two years ago, the two countries celebrated 100 years of mateship. Yet our media is giving more air time toward the heating tensions of a Warren-Sanders feud rather than the lethal blazes terrorizing our