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Academy’s Disciplinary and Honors Committee Welcomes New Members


On Wednesday, May 26, Dr. Losambe announced that our Disciplinary and Honors Committee’s current junior, Russell Ahmed (elected last year), will be joined by seniors Claudia Klingbeil and Charlie Belford and by juniors Arman Arora and Katie Wu.

In the application process, students had to respond to a series of short essay questions that asked about personal experiences that made them qualified to serve on DHC and to provide their perspectives on two scenarios that are realistic to those cases the committee may hear. 

The DHC consists of 3-5 elected students, 3-5 faculty members, the Upper School Dean, and is chaired by Upper School Head, Mrs. Izokaitis. The DHC meets when a member of the student body violates a major school rule or commits repeated offenses deemed problematic. 


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