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Boys Basketball Rides a 6-Game Winning Streak

(Andrew Barren’22/Media) On Wednesday, January 27, the boys traveled to Centerburg. The Trojans, 4th in the state, were one of the Vikes’ toughest opponents thus far.  Juniors Kevin Reeves and Tanner Compton sparked the offense, with 16 points and 12 points, respectively. Reeves’ quick instincts under the rim led to 10 rebounds, and Compton also

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Before Unity We Must Heal

(Carolyn Vaziri’22/Staff) In President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, he mentioned the word “unity” nine times. It was the cornerstone of his address.  But what does “unity” mean in a democratic society?  Does it mean that we all suddenly agree on the same issues and priorities? No. It rather means that we agree on adhering to


Boys Basketball Rebounds after Bexley Loss

(Andrew Barren’22/Media) On Tuesday, January 12th, the boys suffered a tough loss against rival Bexley at home.  Despite holding a 4 point lead at halftime, the Vikes could not hang on after falling short on crucial shots. In the 33-39 loss, senior Brady Hess was the leading scorer with 10 points.  The Vikes rebounded after

Opinion & Editorial

A Republic if We Can Keep It

(Wikimedia Commons). I was in complete and utter awe. I was an 8th grader, taking Columbus Academy’s annual trip to Washington, D.C. Our social studies teachers, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Cavnar, were ensuring we would feel the full gravity of this experience.  We had studied the American Revolution, reading primary sources from patriot leaders such


Boys Basketball Prevails in Nailbiter

Tanner Compton’22 drives to the net (Courtesy of John Hulkenberg, 270 Hoops). Like all other sports, the boys basketball team has had to make adjustments in order to have a season. So far the team has not confronted any quarantine road blocks, punching in a total of 7 games thus far.  On Saturday, January 10,