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Artsmania Returns!

(Max W./Media)

2022 has represented a school year inching closer to pre-pandemic normalcy. Such sentiment was felt on Wednesday, February 16, when the upper school welcomed back artists for the biennial Artsmania celebration. 

Students and faculty enjoyed a break from the school day routine for an arts-filled day off, each participating in a total of four sessions ranging from dance lessons, podcast production, drawing and painting, to stage combat. 

While most sessions were led by artists in the Columbus area, many were also designed by those in the Academy community. 

Dr. Ritter’s son, Thomas Ritter, taught students in one session the art of enameling, and US science teacher Mrs. Downey hosted one in gardening, among others. 

US students Aanika K., Saanvi B., and Shikhara V. began practicing a month in advance for the “Indian Dance” session. The three students met with their Indian dance teacher for an hour once a week to learn three dances to teach at the lesson. 

Aanika, Saanvi, and Shikhara led Raas, Garba, Bhangra, and Bollywood dances. Students from the lower school also joined to lead Bhangra and Bollywood dances, with addition to another called Bharatanatyam. 

Aanika says, “I loved being able to show off the amazing parts of our Indian culture to students in our community because it is something I am so proud of and love doing.”

The variety of sessions immersed the US community in new crafts, diverse cultural traditions, and life skills – leaving students and faculty alike with newfound appreciation.

The full list of sessions provided are included below: 

3D Scanning/Printing

African Dance

African Drumming


Art of NFSs


Comic Art


Eye Makeup 

Foam Sculpting 



Grid Based Patterns

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Writing

Hyperbolic Crochet


Indian Dance

Laser Cutting


Metal Working 

Needle Felting



Product Photography

Progressive Mural 



School of Rock

Screen Printing

Sculpey Faces

Sketch Comedy

Snack Bag Design

Stage Combat 

Teamwork with Tiles

Theater Improv

Urban Painting

Vinyl Cutting

Working with Clay




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