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Academy Students Receive 2022 Band Awards

Image created by Ashley T (via Pixabay) The 2022 Band Awards were announced during the Upper School Band Concert on Sunday, April 24. Voted by the entirety of the band through a google form, the band awards include Outstanding New Member, Most Improved Members & Section, and the John Philip Sousa Award.  Kate F, a


A Collection of Academy Experience: The 2022 Senior Art Show

Academy student admires students’ paintings. L to R: Charlie S, Zora B, and Alexandra B (Ashley T/Staff) The 2022 Senior Art Show had its opening reception on April 20, honoring the dozens of senior art students who have dedicated countless hours crafting 2D and 3D artwork inside and outside the classroom.  A-buzz  with students, faculty,


Academy Students Show Out in 2022 Art Competitions

Pictured from left to right: “Nature’s Cathedral” by Alexandra B, “Lavender Falls” by Nishtha P, and “Lamps” by Jaswanth V. (Ashley T/Staff) The Morris Hall art gallery is presently lined with an abundance of award-winning works by Academy students who have earned recognition in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards and the 2022 Ohio Governor’s Youth


Dajj String Quartet Earns National and International Recognition

The Dajj Quartet Performing in Bennett Gordon Hall (Courtesy/Kate F.) Outside of playing in Academy’s Orchestra, Anna L.  and Kate F. are two of the four members in the Dajj Quartet, which started in 2015 at the Chamber Music Connection in Worthington, Ohio, by its Artistic Director, Deborah Price. Anna (violin) and Kate (cello) joined


Mya Falkenhain’s Art Connects her with Family

Columbus Academy senior Mya Falkenhain has established her name in art within the walls of the school. When students walk into the art room, Falkenhain’s talent and artistry jump out from whatever her current project is resting on the easel in the right corner of the room, prompting them to whisper to each other, “Who


Madeline Proctor’s Art as a Time Capsule

Top two are Proctor’s features in Flip the Page. Bottom are Proctor’s favorite pieces (Madeline Proctor) For Columbus Academy senior and artist Madeline Proctor, art is about “keeping moments from ‘real life.’” She views her sketchbook as a time capsule that she can go back through the pages to remember what was happening in her


From Art Studio to Capitol Building: the Artist of “Lucid”

(Alicia Deng) Hanging in the Capitol Building as the winning entry for the 2021 Congressional Arts Competition in Ohio’s twelfth district is “Lucid,” an oil painting created by Columbus Academy student, Alicia Deng.  While she is a student in Mr. Block’s Portfolio class, Deng also spends a lot of time outside school painting and drawing.


Honoring Dr. King:  Academy Features The City of Hope 

(Poster created by Mr. Jeremy Morgan. Photos: Henry R.) The UCA (United Columbus Academy) organization for diversity and affinity groups hosted various in-school, educational activities for upper school students on Friday, January 14, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday (January 15, 1929) we celebrate on MLK Day, January 17. Activities included


Academy’s K-12 Student Art Exhibit Returns for a Fifth Year

(Ashley Tu/Staff) Academy’s  Art department installed the K-12 Student Art Exhibit over Thanksgiving break on Morris Hall’s second floor.  As soon as you step into the gallery, a profusion of creativity invites you to take a step forward and analyze each piece. Over 100  artworks fill up the walls, including oil paintings, portraits, graphic design