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Academy Students Show Out in 2022 Art Competitions

Pictured from left to right: “Nature’s Cathedral” by Alexandra B, “Lavender Falls” by Nishtha P, and “Lamps” by Jaswanth V. (Ashley T/Staff)

The Morris Hall art gallery is presently lined with an abundance of award-winning works by Academy students who have earned recognition in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards and the 2022 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Numerous photographs, paintings, and sculptures are in the gallery showcases, some of the outstanding talent fostered at Academy under the encouraging guidance of art, photography, and ceramics teachers David Block, Charity White, and Crystal Tursich.  

Founded in 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is dedicated to inspiring bold ideas throughout the county and is the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens. Students Alek B, Nishtha P, Jaswanth V, and Aleeza Y won Gold Key awards while Andrew B, Alexandra B, Chase C, Tara H, Florence L, Cyrus R, and Raaghuv V earned Silver Key awards, all for their exceptional work in photography, painting, and ceramics. Additionally, Andrew B, Alexandra B, Chase C, Alicia D, EJ J, Nishtha P, Tori R, Cyrus R, Alivia S, Jake S, and Brooke T also earned honorable mentions. Finally, Connor H won a Gold Key, Chase C won a Silver Key, and Cyrus R received an honorable mention for their Art Portfolios.

After a thorough selection from over 6,000 entries, regional and state judges who are professional artists and college level instructors handpicked artwork created by Andrew B, Chase C, Tara H, and Nishtha P to be put up for display in the 2022 Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition at the James A Rhodes State Office Tower from April 11 to April 22. 

Come stop by the Morris Hall art gallery to see these pieces being displayed before the installation starts for the Senior Art Show on April 2.


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