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Seniors Say Goodbye to K-Buddies

Jasmine and me with our buddy, Nova. (Ashley .T) On Wednesday, April 12, I chatted with my kindergarten buddy, Nova, for the last time. While the younger members of the upper school were taking the PSAT or SAT, we seniors ate breakfast with our buddies in the Dining Hall before playing on the lower school


Academy’s Met Gala: 2023 Prom Theme Unveiled

(Instagram/@Vikes2024) During our Monday’s assembly on April 3, students buzzed with excitement as this year’s prom teaser, dubbed “the Viking Vogue,” was featured in the theater. Student council’s junior representatives, Angela H., Mikey J., Adam R., and David W., along with the Prom committee announced the theme: The Academy Met Gala, which plays on New


An Insider’s Take on the Chicago Art Trip

Looking at Art in MoCA with Quinn B. and Mara D. (Courtesy/Jasmine E.) Columbus Academy hosts a Chicago Art trip every four years, giving upper school studio art, photography, and ceramics students the opportunity to explore the Windy City’s cultural arts. This year, I was one of fifty students who participated in three jam-packed days


ChatGPT: A Powerful Tool Students should use Responsibly

(Wikimedia Commons) In the last few months, the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, has exploded in popularity. Developed by OpenAI and released last November, ChatGPT spits out a response when given a prompt by the user. So what makes ChatGPT so different from other chatbots? Instead of determining the next word in a sentence from the


Seniors and their Kindergarten Buddies Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Nova and Sara beaming after Valentine’s festivities (Ashley T.) Academy seniors rushed down to the Dining Hall after their first-period class on February 7 to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with their kindergarten buddies.  Giggles filled the room while buddies worked together to decorate Valentine’s-themed paper bags, sticking on heart-shaped stickers, drawing with felt-tip markers, and


FishGuitar: Current Morris Hall Exhibit that Blends Musical and Visual Art

Orange Flag (Courtesy/Jeremy Morgan) Columbus Academy welcomed the Billy Rhinehart exhibit to Morris Hall Art Gallery On February 7 and will run through March 17. An Athens, Ohio native, Rhinehart is a wood carver whose focus for the past thirty years has been creating hand-painted guitars.  This exhibit features seventeen of Rhinehart’s guitars, including Orange


Little Dribblers Shine at School’s Third Pep-Rally of the Year

Little Dribblers mid-performance (via/Ashley T.) On February 3 the MacKensie gym roared with applause from students and faculty after the Little Dribblers performed at Academy’s third pep-rally of the 2022-2023 school year.  Running into the gym in single-file lines, the Little Dribblers tossed, dribbled, spun, and danced with their basketballs to the beat of a


Immigration: An American Story Comes to the Morris Hall Art Gallery

(Ashley T./Staff) Immigration: An American Story, an exhibit was featured in the Morris Hall Art Gallery on November 7, presenting documents, maps, and images to tell select stories of those who came to America over the past few centuries. Created by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, an academic group based in New York

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Exploring Nature Firsthand at Dawes Arboretum

(Courtesy/Heather D.) Over seventy Academy students visited the Dawes Arboretum on October 28 as part of a joint field trip for students in our Environmental Science or Environmental Writing courses. Dawes Arboretum, a nonprofit company, spans over 2,000 acres. At Dawes, dedicates itself to enriching lives through the conservation of trees, nature, and history.  Upon


Boys Soccer Collects Two More Wins 

(Courtesy/Ralph Schudel) The boys soccer team played  three games in the last seven days, earning two victories to add to their record. On September 12, the Vikes defeated Columbus West on the  Carlin turf fields. Senior Gabe E.  put in one while junior Gabe A. scored twice, bringing the final score to 3-2.  Two days