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Pepper-growing competition.(Courtesy/Maren Lawrence23)

Academy’s Greenhouse: Saving the Environment, One Pepper at a Time

Academy’s  greenhouse is flourishing with an abundance of new plants and greens. Our Environmental Club has been hard at work tending to the greenhouse, with Mrs. Downey ensuring that everything is growing as expected. One branch of the club has been tasked with greenhouse duties, such as planting hydroponics, growing plants for the prairie plot,

Opinion & Editorial

We Must Think Bigger Than Ourselves

I get it. We are sick and tired of this pandemic. “Six feet apart.” “Don’t get too close.” “Socially distance.”  We are social creatures who long for interaction and connection with others. Quarantining ourselves from others has been frustrating, especially when it seems like there is no end to this outbreak.  But as vaccines are


Breaking Every Barrier in Pop Music: “Driver’s License”

(Flickr) A new songwriter has emerged and taken over every major streaming platform. On January 8, Olivia Rodrigo released her debut single, “Driver’s License,” not expecting it to reach the Number 1 spot on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon music global and U.S. charts. Seventeen year-old Olivia Rodrigo has become a pop star sensation, with

Academy urges families to observe C-19 restrictions over November holiday (Flickr)

Keeping Academy Safe after Thanksgiving Break Travels

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, Academy is faced with yet another challenge: how to stop the spread of the coronavirus after students travel during the break.  This past weekend, the school resumed its 50% capacity, given Franklin County’s rise in virus cases. With only a few weeks until the winter break, Academy is doing


Academy Hoists Second Tent, Adds More Hall Monitors

Academy raises a second tent in our school’s observance of social distancing  (Charlie Belford’22/Media) Lunch line systems and unpredictable weather were just two of many concerns Academy faced when it moved to 100% capacity in mid-October. Many faculty members have stepped up and taken on new roles, from supervising the lunch line to ensuring students