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Little Dribblers Shine at School’s Third Pep-Rally of the Year

Little Dribblers mid-performance (via/Ashley T.)

On February 3 the MacKensie gym roared with applause from students and faculty after the Little Dribblers performed at Academy’s third pep-rally of the 2022-2023 school year. 

Running into the gym in single-file lines, the Little Dribblers tossed, dribbled, spun, and danced with their basketballs to the beat of a song and Ms. Adams’ whistle. While the pep rally continued with grade-level challenges, the Little Dribblers’ opening performance was the star of the show. 

Led by Lower School gym teacher Ms. Adams, the Little Dribblers has been a decades-old tradition at Academy. Composed of third-grade Academy students, the Little Dribblers work during gym class to choreograph and perform a basketball-dance mashup. 

The night before the pep rally the Little Dribblers performed at The Schottenstein Center during half-time of the Ohio State Men’s Basketball game vs. Wisconsin.


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