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Seniors and their Kindergarten Buddies Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Nova and Sara beaming after Valentine’s festivities (Ashley T.)

Academy seniors rushed down to the Dining Hall after their first-period class on February 7 to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with their kindergarten buddies. 

Giggles filled the room while buddies worked together to decorate Valentine’s-themed paper bags, sticking on heart-shaped stickers, drawing with felt-tip markers, and gluing on google-eyes. 

This Valentine’s Day activity has been one of many Senior-Kindergarten buddy events. Teachers Christy Bening and Angela Blinn and senior-coordinator, Alexander L., to plan these year-round activities. In September, buddies attended an apple-picking event hosted by Lynds Fruit Farm. In November, buddies designed turkeys in the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

Created to strengthen the school’s community by building connections between its youngest and oldest students, Senior-Kindergarten buddies is one of Academy’s most beloved traditions.

Alexander L. said, “It has taught me to be more mindful of those around me and to truly appreciate our amazing community. Seeing how the kids interact with different activities has also helped me to realize that we are all different and learn in different ways.” 

“It has provided an opportunity for me to be a role model and taught me how to communicate with a much-younger population of people,” says Jasmine E.

In the spirit of both Senior-Kindergarten Buddies and Valentine’s Day, show a little love and strengthen the relationships with the people around you.


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