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A Collection of Academy Experience: The 2022 Senior Art Show

Academy student admires students’ paintings. L to R: Charlie S, Zora B, and Alexandra B (Ashley T/Staff)

The 2022 Senior Art Show had its opening reception on April 20, honoring the dozens of senior art students who have dedicated countless hours crafting 2D and 3D artwork inside and outside the classroom.  A-buzz  with students, faculty, and parents admiring artwork, this year’s exhibition was located on both floors of the Morris Hall Gallery.

Upon entry, visitors are greeted with an abundance of ceramic bowls, cups, and sculptures that line the walls in glass cases. The talents in wheel throwing and pottery that Mrs. White’s ceramics students possess are also scattered on the second floor.

Ms. Tursich’s photography students who experimented with perspective and light created shots of people, animals, and nature. Numerous photos showcased also earned recognition in the 2022 Scholastic Art Awards. 

Mr. Block’s fine arts students created paintings in oil, watercolor, and acrylic. Art styles ranged from realism portraits by Madeline P to grand-scale pop art paintings by Charlie S. Jane L’s interactive painting gave viewers different perspectives by spinning the 360 degrees canvas. 

The Senior Art Show runs  through May 27.


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