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Academy’s K-12 Student Art Exhibit Returns for a Fifth Year

(Ashley Tu/Staff)

Academy’s  Art department installed the K-12 Student Art Exhibit over Thanksgiving break on Morris Hall’s second floor. 

As soon as you step into the gallery, a profusion of creativity invites you to take a step forward and analyze each piece. Over 100  artworks fill up the walls, including oil paintings, portraits, graphic design posters, charcoal drawings, and paper-mache masks. 

While every corner of the exhibition captivates with its own theme, one wall focuses closely on faces in a multitude of eye-catching mediums, each face holding its own unique story. 

The ever-contrasting styles of pieces and subject matter compiled into this one-of-a-kind collection reflect Academy’s values of freedom of expression and individuality.

This exhibition will be open until Mid-January of 2022.


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