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A group of demonstrators on Holi in 2013 (Wikimedia Commons)
Opinion & Editorial

Holi 2021: Reflecting on the Pandemic’s Effects on Cultural Celebrations

Holi, a Hindu celebration marking the end of winter and the triumph of good over evil, is celebrated by close to a billion people every year. The holiday is commerated with colored powder that celebrators cover on the faces and clothes of friends, family, and strangers. This year the Holi celebration falls from March 28

(Graphic/Andrew Barren'22)

Mixed Bag for Girls Basketball

After two weeks of quarantine (under which all teams comply when a player tests positive for COVID-19), the girls basketball team was ready to get back on the court.  The girls kicked off their week on Thursday, February 11 with a win against Licking Heights 52-46. Sophie Spolter’22  and Claire Cahall[23 carried the team to


Tough Week for Girls Basketball

After securing a three-game winning streak last week, Academy’s Girls basketball team was looking to continue their dominance on the court this week.  The girls played their first game of the week at home on Tuesday, January 19 against Whitehall. Juniors Claudia Warstler and Sophie Spolter, as well as Kayla McClendon’21 and Claire Cahall’23 all


Strong Week for CA Girls Basketball

(Andrew Barren’22) The girls kicked off the week with a 59-39 win against Tree of Life on Tuesday, January 12 and lead throughout the game, with the Trojans always trailing by at least 6 points. Senior Kayla McClendon carried the team to victory with a season high of 26 points as Sophie Spolter’22 and Claire


CA Girls Basketball Returns: Season Update

Design by Andrew Barren’22. Academy’s girls basketball team started practices on November 30 and had its first game on December 18, striving for a strong start–after falling in last year’s playoffs.  The girls defeated the Grandview Heights Bobcats 36-30 at home on Tuesday, January 5. On Friday, January 8, the Vikings had a harsh game on enemy

Opinion & Editorial

“Indigenous Peoples’ Day”– not “Columbus Day”

(Courtesy/dreamstime) The ditty of “In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue,” has echoed throughout elementary-school hallways in America for decades, introducing young students to the overwhelmingly Eurocentric and egregiously flawed narrative–too common in American curricula.  What the above phrase fails to address is Christopher Columbus’ acts of racism, murder, enslavement, and rape of the rightful


Celebrating Filipino-American History Month 2020 with Filipino Cuisine

Lumpia, a traditional Filipino spring roll. (Wikimedia Commons) According to the 2010 US Census, America is home to 3.4 million Filipino-American citizens, who account for just over 1% of our population. Since 1991, America has celebrated our Filipino population with Filipino-American History Month, which takes place in October. Filipino-American History Month has taken up many


HOLA Honors Hispanic Heritage Month with Virtual Cooking Classes

Courtesy/Sean Silver, who attended HOLA’s class on Saturday, October 3.    Hispanic Heritage Month takes place annually from September 15 to October 15 and celebrates America’s rich Hispanic history. In alliance with Academy’s Diversity & Community Life, our Hispanic-Affinity parent group observed the spirit of Hispanic Heritage month with virtual celebrations of cooking and culture.


SAT under Covid 19

COVID-19 has intensified standardized testing stress for current juniors and seniors. (Freepik) On Wednesday, September 23, over 150 of Academy’s upper class students sat  for the SAT.  Although standardized tests are always stressful for some students, testing during a pandemic has posed new challenges. In the age of COVID-19, standardized testing became complicated: test sites