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Two Wins for Boys Swimming

(Vaanika J./Media) The boys varsity swim team finished with 168 points against the Bexley Lions and Teays Valley at home on Friday, January 20. Dominating the 200 medley were Andrew H., William H., Andy L. in 1:42.22, with Luke B., Mircea B., Alek B., and Greyson T. placing 2nd in 1:49.22.  William H., Mircea B.,

Angela Hu'24/Staff

Taking Advantage of Our Beautiful Campus

On Wednesday, April 14, we were blessed with another campus quest. This time it was a Spring Bingo. We were allowed to explore our exquisite school grounds in the sun by scavenging mother nature to complete a bingo board. Planned by Dr. Losambe, he allowed us to enjoy ourselves and be with friends while maintaining

The Chinese character “春”(chun) means spring: in celebration of the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year (Flickr) 

Celebrating Lunar New Year

February 12, 2021 marked the start of the Lunar New Year, according to the lunisolar calendar which uses the orbit of the moon and the sun’s position to determine the monthly cycles, unlike the Georgian calendar which starts the new year on January 1. Over 1.5 billion people, mostly in China and other parts of