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Chinese Parents Celebrate Lunar New Year

Caroline M./Media)

Academy’s Chinese Parents Association (CPA) planned games, prepared food, and featured costumes to celebrate the Lantern Festival (2/24) of the Dragon for both Upper and Middle Schoolers on Friday, February 23, in the Dining Hall.

Twenty-two CPA volunteers arrived at 7:30 a.m. to prepare for the event, decorating tables with red cloths for displays and activities on the Fireside. 

Delectables included chicken and pork dumplings, plus vegetarian spring rolls, while students used playdough set out to mimic the making of dumplings. Also offered were chopstick games that  involved cheese balls, kettle corn, and M&Ms. Students were challenged with their chopstick abilities and tasked to pick up the most items in the least amount of time.

Another feature was a stereotypical Chinese photo backdrop with an assortment of traditional clothing for students to try-on. Students gravitated to the stations with calligraphy, gomoku, jianzi (Chinese hackysack), and spinning handkerchiefs lining the window side. The projector displayed Lunar New Year themed Just Dance videos for students to dance along to and celebrate. 

Parents enjoyed hosting the event and sharing Asian culture with the Academy community. Senior EAST leader Matthew F.’s mother greeted students graciously and even joined in on photos taken by senior Carey Y.’s father. Teachers also joined the parents and to engage with the students’ activities.

The Chinese Parents Association organized the  logistics, yet the holiday is not restricted to just the Chinese. Instead, a variety of East Asian countries, for example, Korea has Seollal, and the Vietnamese have Tet. 

Senior Evie B. said, “This was a fun and innovative way to immerse myself in an unfamiliar culture, so I’m glad I attended!”

Senior Lance H. said, “It is one of the many reasons that I love CA. We are able to gather and celebrate the different cultures that make up our student body.”

CPA’s event was a special addition to the plethora of activities the school has hosted in honor of Lunar New Year and which contributes to the love for our diverse student body and passion for our community coming together. 



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