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Fall Production of Clue Dazzles

(Claire S./Staff)

At 7:30 p.m. on Monday, October 30 and Wednesday, November 1, Academy audiences came alive with laughter and suspense as upper school actors delivered a riveting “Clue.” Directed by theater instructor Ms. Eads, with the help of student director Alaina W. and design director Sophie P., the comedy’s colorful characters and plot of twists and turns captivated everyone.

The play’s opening night saw a packed house despite being the Monday before Halloween, with students, parents, and community members eagerly anticipating the evening’s entertainment. With the second and last show scheduled for November 1, 2023. According to Ms. Eads, the turnout was by far the largest in recent years of the theater program. Students were encouraged to dress up for the show with the theme on Monday being Halloween or wear your costume and Wednesday being formal or dinner party attire. 

The murder mystery came to life with a unique cast of characters starring the sharp witted and outspoken Mrs. Peacock (Amelia C.), the quirky and suave Professor Plum (Henry W.), and the vigorous yet jealous, Mrs. White (Grace H.). Colonel Mustard’s (Adi S.) was humorous and energetic, Miss Scarlet (Mia S.) was  beautiful but shrewd Mr. Green (Evie B.) was a mysterious and clumsy character, and the Butler Wadsworth (Lucy I.), who was the hit of the show away with her phenomenal acting.

The play revolves around a murder that occurs during a dinner party at a mansion. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are formed and broken, and multiple murder weapons come into play. The challenge for the audience is to deduce the identity of the murderer and the murder weapon, just as in the beloved board game.

The set by Mr. Stype, this year’s theater director, and his portfolio class were just as impressive. Boddy Manor’s opulent decor was recreated in meticulous detail, immersing the audience in the world of the play. One cannot forget Carey Y.’s top hat and tuxedo while he performed piano live throughout the entire show. 

“Clue was such a joy to work on. We had our largest cast & crew for a Fall play in recent history, and it was evident that the students who committed to the production were also committed to each other and to telling the story with as much stylistic expression and fun as possible. I am incredibly grateful for this spectacular group of good humans, and immensely proud of what we were able to share with our community,” said Ms. Eads. 

As the curtains fell, the mystery of “Clue” lingered, leaving the audience with the lingering question: “Whodunit?”




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