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Boys Bowling Wins First Match

Team prepares for its match (Courtesy/Ben Anasis)  On Wednesday, December 1, the boys bowling team, under the direction of coaches Gerardina Garita and John Compton, bowled against Columbus South. Returning varsity players Jacob Mowery and Ryan Reagan earned a 1507-964 win together with new varsity players Colin Harrison, Kian Jennings, Zecheriah Kim, and Joshua King,


Girls Senior Soccer Night Ends in Tie

(Max Walker/Media)   On Wednesday October 13, girls soccer battled rival Bexley at home on Senior Night to honor Evie Gee, Liesel Goldfarb, Kennedy Jackson, Mary-Kate Prall, Sophie Spolter, Diana Ulbrich, and Emma Yakam for their four years of dedication to the team.    From the start of the game you could tell it was


Bladerunner 2049: To watch, expect a long haul

  Denis Villeneuve’s BladeRunner 2049 is a breathtaking piece of art that also takes more than its fair share of time.    This movie is about KD6-3.7, a replicant detective. In this Sci-Fi world, replicants are manufactured people, created as a subservient labor class to humans. The movie opens with K who is investigating a


Inception, a Masterwork

Christopher Nolan’s Inception struck me at first as convoluted and maybe even a bad dream.  Yet, the movie is a masterpiece because it gives both those who want a complex thinker and those who want an action packed thriller a fantastic film to watch.   This blockbuster follows a thief (Leonardo Dicaprio) who involves himself in


Wanda Vision, a thrilling confusion

(Wikimedia Commons)   WandaVision, Marvel’s newest big budget project, is like nothing it has ever featured before.   Created by Jac Schaeffer, this mini series starts out as a 1950’s sitcom-except things don’t seem right. Super-powered Wanda and Vision suspect that everything is not as it seems. Viewers don’t know what’s going on or why these characters