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Wanda Vision, a thrilling confusion

(Wikimedia Commons)
WandaVision, Marvel’s newest big budget project, is like nothing it has ever featured before.
Created by Jac Schaeffer, this mini series starts out as a 1950’s sitcom-except things don’t seem right. Super-powered Wanda and Vision suspect that everything is not as it seems. Viewers don’t know what’s going on or why these characters are in this everchanging tv show either.
Every episode brings more clues about what is happening, but these hints only lead to more questions. This type of slow burning suspense is what drives the tension throughout the show, as each episode in a true sit-com fashion has its own subplots. The long term questions and these short term sub plots evoke constant unease and engross viewers during every minute of each episode. The show has got attention from social media, and what seemed like a stretch compared to lighthearted Disney cartoons ended up being a hit. 
WandaVision is only accessible on Disney+ and is rated TV-PG. It started streaming on January 15 and has new episodes every Friday.

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