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Inception, a Masterwork

Christopher Nolan’s Inception struck me at first as convoluted and maybe even a bad dream.  Yet, the movie is a masterpiece because it gives both those who want a complex thinker and those who want an action packed thriller a fantastic film to watch.
This blockbuster follows a thief (Leonardo Dicaprio) who involves himself in a final heist that will get him back to his kids and out of his life of crime. Not the kind of thief who steals jewels and money, he’s an extractor who uses new technology to delve into people’s dreams and then steals information. 
After my third watch, I understood its theme was how dwelling on the past and rejecting reality leads to delusion and paranoia. You see the main character go through this heartbreaking experience. That this action movie had so much depth to its character development blew me away and more than impressed me.
Rated PG-13 , Inception  runs for 2 hours and 42 minutes. It was released to theaters in 2010 but became available on Netflix this past February.

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