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Bladerunner 2049: To watch, expect a long haul

Denis Villeneuve’s BladeRunner 2049 is a breathtaking piece of art that also takes more than its fair share of time. 
This movie is about KD6-3.7, a replicant detective. In this Sci-Fi world, replicants are manufactured people, created as a subservient labor class to humans. The movie opens with K who is investigating a replicant who ran away and finds evidence that he might have been born and not made. If this is the case then the whole social order would be upheaved because replicants would have to be considered living.
I cannot understate the beauty of this film, but Denis Villeneuve takes his time to show it off with its 2 hour and 44 minute runtime, so at some points watching it can be more laborious than entertaining.
It is a fantastic film to watch if you have energy and want to actively think while watching, but if you want to watch this before bed, or go and see it casually with friends, you will not enjoy the movie.
Rated R, Blade Runner 2049 was originally opened in theaters in 2017, but was released on HBO Max on February 26th.

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