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Cabaret Proves Outstanding

(Photo/Courtesy Andy Morris) As always, the upper school’s annual Cabaret’s concert was jaw dropping. The “urban sprawl” themed show, held in the Dining Hall, had a full house. Decorations were simple yet elegant, with twinkling lights strung across the ceiling and tiny plant centerpieces on black tablecloths. Urging people to step outside their comfort zone,


All of us. All in. All Day for CA!

March 30, 2017, marked Columbus Academy’s first ever “Giving Day,” which involved donors gifting various amount of money to the school’s annual fund. Academy faculty, students, and staff were clad in spirit wear from head to toe for this first-time event. As a promising new vision for Academy grew, a more demanding monetary budget to


2017 Phil Currier Lecturer: John Noltner

(Photo by Julia Gurevitz’20/Media Team) Activist John Noltner, author of A Peace of My Mind, spoke at Academy’s annual Currier Lecture Series on February 27, first to the upper school during an extended assembly, then to a smaller group in a lunch forum and followed by a free lecture to our local community. Held in


Auditions Begin for “The Drowsy Chaperone”

This spring, Academy’s theatre program will present The Drowsy Chaperone, a musical about an asocial man who attempts to cure his sadness by playing a recording of his favorite musical as it comes alive around him. Through a reading committee comprised of students, this musical was chosen with intent to provoke laughter from the audience and attain


Native American Tribes Protest Pipeline

A five-month long controversy about the Dakota Access Pipeline not only threatens to harm our environment in the case of a spill, but it proves to be a monumental event in our modern history as it has become a nationwide fight for Native American rights.


Movie review: “Miracles From Heaven”

As the credits rolled, I sat in the theatre chair surrounded by people with tears streaming down their faces. I too was crying. Not only had my faith strengthened spiritually, but it grew stronger in the belief of the goodness in people and in the promise of blessings.