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Native American Tribes Protest Pipeline

A five-month long controversy about the Dakota Access Pipeline not only threatens to harm our environment in the case of a spill, but it proves to be a monumental event in our modern history as it has become a nationwide fight for Native American rights.

The pipeline that is set to run from North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois, delivering more than 470,000 barrels of crude oil to major refineries across the country disrupts the sacred grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and could do potential harm to its water supply.

As early as April of 2015, protestors across the country have stood together in attempt to stop the installation of the pipeline, which is now over 60% complete. Energy Transfer Partners, the company responsible for the building of the pipeline, disclaim any possible catastrophe regarding their pipeline and ensure that their team and high technology are of the utmost efficiency. Another claim is that should there be a breach detected that measures would be taken to stop the flow of oil.

A 3.8 billion dollar proposed oil project that is supposedly more environmentally friendly and cost effective is not an excuse to disregard tribal Native American grounds or put their health and homes in jeopardy. Native American tribes’ rights are once again being ignored as we see history repeating itself when it comes to the rights of American tribal nations.


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