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Movie review: “Miracles From Heaven”

As the credits rolled, I sat in the theatre chair surrounded by people with tears streaming down their faces. I too was crying. Not only had my faith strengthened spiritually, but it grew stronger in the belief of the goodness in people and in the promise of blessings.

Miracles From Heaven is based on the true story of the Beam family. When Christy discovers her ten year-old daughter, Anna, has an incurable digestive illness, she becomes her daughter’s biggest support system in their journey for a source of healing. After much hardship, Anna has an accident which ironically leaves her healed and her family touched by a miracle.

Directed by Patricia Higgins, the film stars Jennifer Garner (Christy Beam) and Queen Latifah (Angela). According to, Miracles From Heaven grossed $14,812,393 on opening weekend, with a total domestic net of $53,306,619.

The 109-minute film included a phenomenal soundtrack and evoked a whirlwind of emotions from its audience.

The story of Anna showed what it means to have one’s faith shaken, and that in times of crisis the need for family and community support is prominent. As Christy says, “Miracles are everywhere. Miracles are goodness. Miracles are love . . . “


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