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MagicLeap Technology Not Yet Ready

When I first heard the grandiose descriptions of the technology that MagicLeap, “the world’s most secretive startup” was producing, I dismissed it as an overwrought marketing scheme. After viewing the few demos that the company has posted, however, I can’t wait until the product is on the market. Rony Abovitz, MagicLeap’s CEO, calls the technology

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Opinion: Primaries Don’t make Sense

The principles of representative democracy are both the ideals that this nation was founded on and are deeply ingrained into its culture. “By the People, for the People” is what we are supposed to be striving towards in our government. Yet the system by which that we elect our most important national leader is broken.

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2015 Celebration of Leadership Interview with Alison Levine

Following this year’s presentation of Columbus Academy’s Annual Celebration of Leadership Assembly, seven Academy Life staff members had the opportunity to sit down with Alison Levine and discuss her life as a business woman, explorer, mountaineer, and leader of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. Additionally, Levine is a New York Times bestselling author of

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Das Bad Auto

For years, environmentalists have accused diesel engine cars of producing more harmful emissions, such as NOx compounds, which are vital components of urban smog on the road than in the laboratory. Automakers have viscously denied these accusations.