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Five Minute Pizza

If Chipotle were reincarnated into a pizza restaurant, Pizza Cucinova would be the result.

Pizza Cucinova applies a similar “fast-casual” model that restaurants like Chipotle, Piada, and Bibibop have used to great success. When ordering, you are guided through the pizza making process while viewing the ingredients through a clear glass pane. Many wonderful toppings are available, with choices ranging from arugula hearts to peppadews and caramelized onions. The restaurant has three sauce choices, seven meats and cheeses, and sixteen vegetables available. They provide an array of salads as well.

Yet this Neapolitan-style pizza has a wonderful twist: the whole process, from ordering until your hot, fresh pizza is ready takes a maximum of five minutes.

This is made possible through the restaurant’s brick ovens that cook the pizza at 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t think that the quick cooking times make for bad pizza, however, for I found my pizza to be wonderfully cooked, and its flavors were quite complex and developed.

Moreover, Pizza Cucinova combines modern, urban design with adequate seating and an open floor plan.

So next time you’re hungry for some pizza, look no further than Pizza Cucinova to satisfy that craving–in five minutes or less.


4044 Morse Crossing

1187 Olentangy River Rd


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