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NFL Draft Exposes League’s Domestic Violence Problem

NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell at the draft. (Courtesy/Creative Commons) The NFL has a major domestic violence problem. Ever since Ray Rice was charged with assaulting his fiancee in 2014, domestic violence issues have plagued the league. The NFL tried to take a harder stance on domestic violence in recent years, but the pendulum seems to

Opinion & Editorial

Traffic Deaths Spike to Unsettling High

Over the last ten years, vehicle safety technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Electronic stability systems, rearview cameras, and better airbags are just a few of the innovations that have helped protect occupants in collisions. Despite the improved safety of modern cars, the number of Americans killed in traffic crashes have been on the

Opinion & Editorial

How Barack Obama May Be Remembered by History Books

On Friday, January 20th, Barack Obama relinquished his presidency to make way for Donald Trump’s inauguration as our nation’s 45th president. With a new president coming into the White House, it is time to reevaluate the last eight years of Obama’s presidency. Obama will obviously be remembered most for being our nation’s first African-American president.