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Zika’s Threat

A dangerous mosquito-transmitted virus that has already spread over all of  South America, Central America, the Caribbean is making its way into North America through Mexico. The Zika virus is the latest global epidemic that has terrorized millions. The Zika virus’ symptoms include headaches, pinkeye, and a mild fever, all of which might not sound

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2015 Celebration of Leadership Interview with Alison Levine

Following this year’s presentation of Columbus Academy’s Annual Celebration of Leadership Assembly, seven Academy Life staff members had the opportunity to sit down with Alison Levine and discuss her life as a business woman, explorer, mountaineer, and leader of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. Additionally, Levine is a New York Times bestselling author of

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World News

Questioning a Goodbye to Bacon

Goodbye to bacon? Not so fast. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a cancer-studying subcategory of the World Health Organization, announced last week that consuming processed meat, like sausage, beef jerky, and yes, bacon, may lead to colorectal cancer. The IARC stated in its press release that eating 2 oz of processed meat

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