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Zika’s Threat

A dangerous mosquito-transmitted virus that has already spread over all of  South America, Central America, the Caribbean is making its way into North America through Mexico. The Zika virus is the latest global epidemic that has terrorized millions.

The Zika virus’ symptoms include headaches, pinkeye, and a mild fever, all of which might not sound too bad. But while these symptoms may not seem life-threatening for the average person, it is for many.

The Zika virus epidemic has gotten so bad that the World Health Organization has declared this contagion a Global Health Emergency. As a result, the organization has begun supplying affected countries with a significant amount of tools and services.

The Zika virus could also be causing several birth defect issues in babies. Since October, more than 3,000 infants in Brazil have been diagnosed with microcephaly, which causes below-average head sizes. This can lead to an underdeveloped brain and often stems from genetic malfunctions. It is still unknown whether this virus is causing this rise in microcephaly cases in Latin America. But W.H.O officials have suggested that there is mounting evidence that the Zika virus is involved in this new trend.

Many countries, including Jamaica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Colombia have released statements advising women to avoid or delay pregnancies for at least the next two years, or at least until the relationship between Microcephaly and the Zika virus is defined.

While there is a distinct possibility of the virus spreading to the United States, America’s strong mosquito control system and previous experience with such mosquito-spread viruses keep the probability low that the virus ends up spreading into the United States.






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