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Winter Formal’s Wild “Jungle Jam”

  Ready to Jam. (Liesel Goldfarb’22/Media)   Judging by the 2020 CA Winter Formal Instagram page, which featured creative quizzes and hilarious geography-themed interviews conducted by resident expert Anay Reddy ’20 in weeks leading up to the dance, this year’s Winfo Committee stayed up until nearly midnight prepping the night before the dance, only to

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Soleimani’s Assasination Leaves A Less Safe World

Thousand of Iranians Mourn General Qassim Soleimani on January 6th. (Majid Asgaripour via Wikimedia Commons) Thanks to last Friday’s drone-strike assassination of Iranian Major General Qassim Soleimani, we ring in a new decade amidst millions’ calls for “Death to America” and memes about WWIII and the selective service populating our instagram feeds These concerns are only


An Evening of Comic One- Acts Dazzle in New Theater

(Andrew Cahall’21/Staff)   Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2, Academy’s Fall Student Production, “An Evening of Comic One Acts”  . . .  well, it happened.  Academy’s renovated theater, with its balcony and dark colors designed for a more theatrically intimate, modern “box” feel was appropriately christened by a trippy, avant-garde production that was no


Academy Welcomes Inaugural Girls Golf Team 

Academy’s largest female golf team with Coach Maggie Freytag. (Courtesy/Cindy Wilson via Columbus Academy Facebook) This year’s fielding of a complete —and sizable— girls golf team marks a new era in CA  athletics. On August 6, the Columbus Academy girls golf program hit the course for its 2019 debut at the Mid-State-League preseason tournament.  Coached by

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Trump’s Emergency Declaration a Danger to Democracy

  President Trump deliberates an executive order in the Oval Office (Joyce N. Boghosian via On Friday, February 15, President Trump declared a state of national emergency on immigration at the southern Border. This measure would presumably allow Trump to bypass Congress and commandeer the billions in wall funding refused to him in recent shutdown

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Ralph Northam Must Resign

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Yearbook photo has reopened our country’s deep racial wounds. (Lee District Democratic Committee via Wikimedia Commons) On Friday, February 8, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said that he intends to serve out the rest of his term fighting for “racial equity.” The best way for him to do that is to resign.

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Covington Catholic and the Consequences of Imprudent Press Releases

The confrontation between Nick Sandmann and Nathan Phillips at the March for Life became a viral firestorm overnight. (Jim McNellis/Wikimedia Commons) Thanks to our country’s strong tradition of a protected free press, Americans are exposed to news sources with a wide variety of interpretations. Ordinarily, this is innocuous, as sources with different sympathies tend to

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Mueller’s Investigation Could Damage Trump Supporters and Trump-Haters Alike

Robert Mueller could close a final report in the coming weeks. (Medill DC/Creative Commons)   When special counsel Robert Mueller opened an investigation into the Trump’s campaign’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin in 2016, many were overjoyed. Thousands practically salivated over the prospect of a Trump indictment to bring about his impeachment and ultimate downfall.  With