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Winter Formal’s Wild “Jungle Jam”

Ready to Jam. (Liesel Goldfarb’22/Media)
Judging by the 2020 CA Winter Formal Instagram page, which featured creative quizzes and hilarious geography-themed interviews conducted by resident expert Anay Reddy ’20 in weeks leading up to the dance, this year’s Winfo Committee stayed up until nearly midnight prepping the night before the dance, only to return to school at 9:00 a.m. the next morning to transform the cafeteria into a “Jungle Jam.”


As students drove up Campus Drive amid the green fluorescent lights blazing through the fireside windows and entered the dance Saturday night, this diligent preparation was more than evident. 

After checking in, a large straw canopy and a nearly 20-foot hand-painted banner welcomed students to the jungle. Not to be outdone by the entryway however, the dance floor itself was flanked by an impressive canopy of lush palm trees and vines— cleverly fashioned from rope and pvc pipe. As for the evening’s entertainment, a “zoo” opposite the floor—with fierce spectacles such as wild animal balloons floating above Roomba automatic vacuums in the enclosure—proved quite a hit.  

Thanks to this creativity and work, coupled with bumping music by the DJ and curated by Winfo Committee, 2020’s Jungle Jam Winter Formal succeeded in being a, well, wild night. 


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