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International Problem Solving with Ms. Gorsuch

Ms. Gorsuch’s geometry students (via Zoom) met and worked with high schoolers in Kathmandu, Nepal to find a common problem in each country and use mathematical thinking to explain and solve it. In our five meetings, we exchanged introductions to our school, country, and daily life. Then in smaller groups, we solved small mathematical problems,


Dune: a New Cinematic Hit

(Wikimedia Commons) This movie may not be set in “a galaxy far, far away,” but it is definitely the start of another fictional intergalactic war. Only this time, it stars Timothée Chalamet. Dune sets the stage for the next big movie series. It was slow, and slightly anti-climatic, but it left me with a curiosity


Movie Review: Don’t Look Up

(Flickr) Two astronomers discover a comet is heading straight for earth with the ability to destroy the world earth in six months.  This movie felt more like a wake up call, showing how much we need to see the consequences of our actions and put our differences aside for the better of the community. Before