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Yearbook’s Signature pages Impress students

On May I, Ms. Popelka announces a new supplement to our yearbook. Popelka introduced the new signing pages, designed by senior yearbook editors, Arman A.,Alli S., and Katie W. 

Ms. Popelka’s based her concept on her high school days, when it was common at the end of the year to collect notes and signatures from classmates and teachers. She said she still looks back and reads some of the nice messages she received.

The images in our  signature booklet represent the year’s trends thought to most relevant and interesting to the seniors, including the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Supreme Court’s appointment of Ketanji Brown, and Serna Williams and Roger Federer’s final matches.   

The booklets have a sticky pad for the signature booklet when the yearbook staff distributes the books in the fall.



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