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(Ridah S. and Ella F.)

Our librarians, Ms. P. and Ms. N., are back at it again with another theme, as they introduced Banned Books Week.

Banned books are novels that involve themes and topics which do not coincide with what a government or institution is trying to promote. This is problematic since all knowledge is valuable and essential.

From September 19 -23, the library’s displays had caution tape highlighting every book our school had that was banned at any time in the past. Books that are banned in other areas currently were also included. 

The choice to advertise these novels to Columbus Academy students proves that these topics should not be censored. Awareness should be spread.

Although this display is no longer featured, all banned books are still available to read. The library is also currently spotlighting Hispanic Heritage Month. Check out these books, or ask a librarian for any questions. 


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