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Wildfire Smoke Pollutes Ohio

Wildfires torch the San Gabriel Mountains in LA (Wikimedia Commons) Wildfires have been ravaging California and Oregon, destroying land that is the size of Connecticut. Experts note these fires will become more frequent and leave long-lasting effects, one of which is widespread smoke diffusion. NASA’s satellite data shows that wildfire smoke has transcended thousands of

(McKenna Chow'22/Staff)

CA Band Celebrates Seniors with Dr. Seuss

On April 30,the Columbus Academy Concert Band took time out of their normal class schedule to commemorate our graduating seniors with a thoughtful tradition. Dr. Seuss Day takes place during the last band class of the last week for seniors, a 10-year tradition.  This rite of passage features an annual reading of Seuss’ Oh the Places

Simone Biles led the USA team to gold in the 2016 Olympics at the age of 19 (Wikimedia Commons)
Opinion & Editorial

Olympic Age Limits Won’t Stick the Landing

Olympic officials declared on April 9 that athletes slated to participate in the July 2021 Olympics must meet a minimum age requirement of only 16 years old, even though the later date is just a postponed version of the 2020 Games. This implies that those born in 2005 could compete in 2021, even though they