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CA Band Celebrates Seniors with Dr. Seuss

(McKenna Chow'22/Staff)

On April 30,the Columbus Academy Concert Band took time out of their normal class schedule to commemorate our graduating seniors with a thoughtful tradition.

Dr. Seuss Day takes place during the last band class of the last week for seniors, a 10-year tradition.

 This rite of passage features an annual reading of Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go and speeches by Ms. Sneeringer and Mrs. O’Rourke that highlight the each member’s individuality and their collective talent. Sneeringer says the book’s most important message is that everyone has both victories and struggles in life and that facing both ups and downs is a part of growing up. 

Because of the cancelled spring band concert, it was more important than ever to honor our seniors. 

For the band members, Dr. Seuss Day marks the end of an era for the 2020 graduates. Seniors and underclass levels alike are often moved to tears by the air of finality associated with Oh the Places You’ll Go, yet the book helps seniors recognize that no matter where they are, they will always have a place in the band.


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