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Paul McCartney guest stars on the One World: Together at Home special. (Wikimedia Commons)

One World: Far from Making It in History Books

One World: Together at Home was lauded as the new generation’s Live Aid. But in a year defined by a global pandemic, many are struggling to adjust to the worldwide entertainment shift. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, entertainment and media were continuing on the trend of becoming more internet-based. Despite this, live concerts kept their

Musicians perform to a sold-out JFK Stadium as part of Live Aid. (via Wikimedia Commons) 

Thirty-Five Years Later: This Generation’s “Live Aid”

  Thirty-five years ago, an unprecedented musical gathering took place. Beginning at London’s Wembley Stadium and continuing in Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium, that “superconcert” lasted 16 hours and raised over $125 million dollars.  The event was called Live Aid, and its mission was to fundraise famine relief for Africa. Artists performing at both stadiums included Queen,


기생충: Movie Review

(Wikimedia Commons) Warning: this review contains spoilers.  In the history of the Academy Awards, only one non-English language film has ever won Best Picture. That film is Parasite.  Parasite (or 기생충 in its original Korean), a South Korean thriller and dark comedy, directed by Bong Joon-ho, won the most awards of any movie at the


ArtsMania: An Opportunity to Engage

Organizing Japanese flower pots in the Flower Arrangements class during Arts Mania. (Sari Shocket’22/Media)  On Wednesday, February 5, the Columbus Academy Arts Department orchestrated the biennial event known as ArtsMania. With about 40 scheduled sessions, students were tasked with ranking 12 choices they would find interesting. The three-session format allowed participants to explore varied classes


Ladylike: Redefining Womanhood

Director Greta Gerwig once again proves her capabilities with “Little Women.” (Wikimedia Commons) Beloved since its first publication, “Little Women” is one of the most poignant stories of womanhood and family ever told. On Christmas Day of 2019, a new adaptation of the novel was released in theaters. Directed by Greta Gerwig (“Ladybird”), the film


Disney Dominates Media with New Streaming Service

Wikimedia Commons As early as 2007, Netflix unveiled a streaming service for movies and television, the first of its kind. Though Hulu debuted the next year, Netflix has remained the most popular streaming service of its kind for years. But this may no longer be the case. The Walt Disney company released Disney+ in November,


Joker: Not for Kids

  (Wikimedia Commons)   Spoiler alert: Joker is not for kids.    The R-rating on this film did little to restrain parents who did not research the movie. Many brought children to the film, expecting something of a Marvel movie with DC characters. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Joker is only similar to a


MadLab: Shaping Young Playwrights since 2011

(Courtesy/MadLab) Every year, students from around central Ohio open a new file on Google Docs, brainstorm, and begin to write. By November 17, all viable submissions will have been sent to MadLab, one of Columbus’s blackbox theaters.  The Young Writers Short Play Festival is an annual event held by MadLab in an effort to connect


A Discussion on Theocracy: Hail Satan?

Lucien Greaves, cofounder of the Satanic Temple. (Image via Wikimedia Commons) Every year, aspiring filmmakers and art students flood to southern Ohio for the Athens International Film and Video Festival (AIFVF) boasts short films, worldwide premieres, experimentals, and documentaries. The event takes place over a week in the Athena Theater.  Among this year’s selections was