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Fake News Not Just a National Problem

News readers in foreign countries are more susceptible to fake American news than we are. (Photo/ Licensed under CC0.) While the proliferation of fake news pieces on American social media has come under increased scrutiny following the divisive presidential election, the devaluing of fact checking is more serious outside of the United States. Mere hours

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Apple Targets Schools with iWork Update

Almost drowned in the hubbub of the iPhone 7 event was the announcement of collaboration features for Apple’s iWork software suite. The collection of productivity apps, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, will soon gain the ability to have multiple users edit a document simultaneously.

Opinion & Editorial

Obama’s Proposal Finally Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

Despite the increasing threat of cyberattack over the past decade, the United States as a whole seems to have treated cybersecurity as an afterthought. Serious security breaches such as the attack on the Office of Personnel Management in 2014 have affected the government, businesses, and individuals alike with the theft of terabytes worth of valuable information.