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Girls Tennis Bound for States

(Courtesy/Peter Motta) The Vikes suffered a 2-3 loss on Tuesday, September 28, against Dublin Coffman but rebounded with a 5-0 win against Dublin Jeome on Wednesday, September 29.  The girls won 3-2 rivalry against Wellington on Saturday, October 2. Anna Chang lost first singles (2-6, 1-6) alongside Grace Philip, who lost second singles. But Tamanna


Girl’s Tennis: Varsity Falters, JV Dominates

(Graphic/Andrew Barren) Girl’s varsity fell to Wellington 2-3 on Tuesday, September 14. Arya Chabria and Yasmin Bilgin stammered in first and second singles, but Tamanna Arya brought it back with a 6-4, 6-2. Anna Chang and Grace Philip steamrolled with 6-0, 6-1 in first doubles while Emily Motta and Naomi Chen lost on third set tiebreaks


Apple Spring Event 2021 Recap

While spring is filled with warm weather and blooming flowers, it’s also a time for Apple enthusiasts. This year’s event featured new gadgets, updated devices, and an explosion of color. M1 iPad Pros In November 2020, Apple released its new M1 chip, changing the laptop and CPU market landscape, shattering benchmarks for both speed and


OnePlus: First-Ever Personable and Powerful SmartWatch

(Flickr) OnePlus, a BBK Electronics company, which specializes in Android smartphones that bring similar levels of speed, performance, and design as iPhones, has expanded its offerings to aesthetic, robust-looking smartwatches (released on April 8), with hundreds of features, and a powerful processor for all needs. Aesthetics The 46-millimeter circular design, stainless steel, sapphire glass, and dual


Samsung’s S21: Powerful and Affordable

(Flickr)   The new Samsung S21 delivers groundbreaking performance and camera quality at an affordable price, with its stylish vertical 3 camera design, duo-tone gradient, and premium matte finish, giving it a clean, robust feel.    While Samsung’s developers decided to reduce the S21 resolution from Quad HD to HD, it compensates with a 120


Apple’s Airpods Max: Revolutionary Audio

(Flickr)   Apple recently released its new luxury edition of its Airpods Max. With premium aluminum in its outer covering, stainless-steel headband, and memory foam cushions, this device is heavier than most other like products.   Airpods Max has both noise-cancelling  and transparency modes, along with a single button along the top of the right ear


PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Console Gaming’s Future

(Flickr)   On November 10, 2020, Microsoft released its stunning new Xbox Series X. Two days later, Sony released its revolutionary PS5 .   While both consoles provide 4k gaming at 120 frames per second (fps), there are notable differences.   Sony’s ambitious curvature design is a clear deviation from conventional gaming consoles. With one


The Queen’s Gambit: A Story of Power, Passion, and Belonging

(Flickr) As someone who has played chess for over a decade, I couldn’t be more pleased with The Queen’s Gambit. Producer Scott Frank captures the intensity of the game and the internal battle Beth Harmon faces, all on a sixty-four square board. Set in the 1950s, Beth Harmon ( Anya Taylor-Joy), an orphan after a


Apple’s New iPhone 12: Now Supporting 5G

Apple’s iPhone 12 with 5G capabilities (CourtesyApple)   Apple recently released its newest and most highly-anticipated iPhone 12. From a peripheral view, there appear to be no modifications compared to its previous mode. But let’s take a closer look.   Apple’s iPhone 12 comes packed with a variety of features, withits most impressive having the ability to


Apple Watch Series 6: A Game Changer?

Apple’s new Series 6 Watch with SpO2 technology (Unsplash, CcO) On September 18, Apple released its new Apple Watch Series 6 to the public, but is it worth the extra $170? Let’s find out. On the surface, Apple’s new Series 6 watch offers incremental upgrades from its previous models: better processor, better display. But this