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Apple Spring Event 2021 Recap


While spring is filled with warm weather and blooming flowers, it’s also a time for Apple enthusiasts. This year’s event featured new gadgets, updated devices, and an explosion of color.

M1 iPad Pros

In November 2020, Apple released its new M1 chip, changing the laptop and CPU market landscape, shattering benchmarks for both speed and efficiency. It handles low-level programs up to five times faster and reduces thermal issues when running more processor-heavy software. The new iPad Pros are equipped with this unprecedented strength, which will satisfy anyone’s needs. The 11-inch model and 12.9-inch model start at $799 and $1099, respectively.

Colorful iMacs

Apple has always been known for its extensive array of colors for all its devices, except their desktop computers. Now that’s changed. The new lineup of iMacs features the M1 chip, wireless keyboard with Touch ID, and seven different candy-color designs. The base model starts at $1299.


These long-awaited item trackers were at the forefront of Apple’s Spring Event. For those accustomed to losing gadgets, these wireless trackers operate on a year-long battery and are synced with the pre-installed Find My iPhone application. Attach them to a device, and you’ll have the item’s exact location with the tap of a button. Individual AirTags cost $29 and $99 for four.


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