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CA Hosts Inaugural Model UN Conference

On Saturday, October 30, and Sunday, October 31, Columbus Academy hosted 40 delegates for the school’s first CAMUN convention.
Model UN places students in the shoes of ambassadors for nations from Argentina to Zimbabwe. These students draft resolutions, plot strategies, negotiate with sponsors and opponents, solve disputes, and more. Countries are placed in various diplomatic settings in which students have to debate public policy and analyze decisions, resembling situations similar to those discussed in the United Nations.
On the first day of Academy’s MUN, five countries with the most advanced space technology started the conference orbiting Mars after a doomsday scenario on Earth in which climate change had destroyed all life. Each country was tasked with dividing land and resources on the planet. On Sunday, aliens were discovered and students had to interact and cooperate with them to achieve mutual benefits.
Senior leaders Ethan Weiser and Malachy Sullivan were pleased to see many new faces and excited for the road ahead. Columbus Academy hopes to prepare its first-year and returning MUN students for more upcoming events and NAIMUN, the 2022 international conference located in Washington DC

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