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OnePlus: First-Ever Personable and Powerful SmartWatch


OnePlus, a BBK Electronics company, which specializes in Android smartphones that bring similar levels of speed, performance, and design as iPhones, has expanded its offerings to aesthetic, robust-looking smartwatches (released on April 8), with hundreds of features, and a powerful processor for all needs.


The 46-millimeter circular design, stainless steel, sapphire glass, and dual side buttons give the watch a professional, sophisticated look. For personal customization, BBK Electronics offers 50 different watch faces and interchangeable rubber sidebands. The limited-edition cobalt-alloy model is two times stronger than the typical stainless steel.


The OnePlus Watch includes over 100 different features, from messaging, hands-free calling, and Bluetooth connectivity to 110 workout settings and 15 advanced fitness modes: everything is covered. A blood-oxygen sensor and stress monitor, which are critical to users with diabetes, pre-existing heart issues, or other health concerns are also included.


The OnePlus Watch is equipped with 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, and a top-notch Android processor. The watch has built-in IP68 water and dust resistance up to 1.5 meters to prevent damages to the operating system.


For $159. the OnePlus Watch is parallel to many high-end competitors. The watch will be available for purchase on April 14, 2021, worldwide.


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