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(Wikimedia Commons)

Outerbanks: Netflix’s Hidden Treasure

Outer Banks has taken the internet by storm and yet another teen drama obsession. The series follows John B, portrayed by Chase Strokes, as his friends and he search for sunken gold that connects to his father’s disappearance. The constant action leaves many viewers on the edge, but not everyone is a fan.  Some adults

Home Chef's honey mustard glazed salmon with a side of apple-potato hash. (Sarah Silver'21)

Home Chef: Home Cooking Made Simple

Home Chef is a meal delivery service that prides itself on its fresh ingredients and innovative recipes. With customizable meals for all dietary preferences, Home Chef caters to all skill levels, with step-by-step instructions. This  service offers 21 fresh recipes per week, with each meal starting around $6.99 per serving. Recipes include the total prep

Lennon Stella (Flickr)

Lennon Stella: Three. Two. One.

Lennon Stella’s most recent album, Three. Two. One. was released on all music streaming platforms on April 24, 2020 and includes 13 songs.  Stella began singing alongside her sister, Maisy Stella, and has since collaborated with artists such as The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, and Jonas Blue. Prior to Three. Two. One, she released an EP,

Paul McCartney guest stars on the One World: Together at Home special. (Wikimedia Commons)

One World: Far from Making It in History Books

One World: Together at Home was lauded as the new generation’s Live Aid. But in a year defined by a global pandemic, many are struggling to adjust to the worldwide entertainment shift. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, entertainment and media were continuing on the trend of becoming more internet-based. Despite this, live concerts kept their

Illustration/Carolyn Vaziri'22

Ode to Bleach 

My presidentSaysIf I drink bleachThe “invisible enemy”Will be noMore.Why hadn’tAnyoneSaid this sooner?Oh, bleach,You make ourHandsSo sensitiveto the touch:As dry as Atacama,As cracked asThe phone my sisterDropped down the elevator shaft.But I forgive you,ForYou removeOur GrassOur MudOur Spaghetti stains.Oh, bleach!The combatter of Anything neededTo be wipedAway,You areThe nightmare ofEvery speck of dirt,Of grimeThe solution to anyCrisis.You make