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Pluto TV: Free, Live, Enter in Your Living Room

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have monthly subscriptions. Pluto TV is changing the game. As of December 2020, Pluto TV features 250+ live channels that stream sports, sitcoms, news, and movies, 24/7. Free with only a few commercials, Some features include The Walking Dead, 90210, and Shameless. All of the seasons of The Office are now


Dragon Donuts

Dragon Donuts 2021 (Milana Biswas’24/Staff) It is rare when you would see a Bacon Me Crazy donut–first dipped into maple and then topped with crispy bacon bits–on a dessert menu. A Dragon Donuts signature combo may sound wacky, but it does opens your taste buds to all sorts of delicious combinations. This latest Easton hotspot also


Slurping Turtle Review

Caption: DFFC and Shrimp Shio Ramen (Milana Biswas ‘24/Staff) With locations in only Columbus and Ann Arbor, Slurping Turtle is the newest Japanese restaurant that just opened at Easton in December. Best known for their soups, Slurping Turtle has families and friends of all ages sitting inside through the transparent windows. According to the friendly