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Art Installation Celebrates Student Artwork

(CA Flickr)

When you go to the administration building, the walls are anything but blank. The once plain, cream-colored walls hold vibrant artworks and stunning photographs. Every piece tells a story, whether produced by an Explorer or an upper school student.

Head of School, Mrs. Soderberg, chooses artworks from the school’s divisions to decorate her administrative office. Pieces from freshmen Max B., Noah B., Gabrielle S., and Alex Z., sophomores Dominic C., Sophie F., Jon P., Abigail X., and Angela Z., juniors Alina L., Liliana L., and Lucas X., and seniors Gabe A., Lizzy A., Faith D., Lauren G., Ellen H., and Colin H. will be on display for the year.

Faith said, “All of the student artwork is amazing to see. The entire Academy community exhibits so much talent!”


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