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The Roaming Goat: First-rate java


by Bittania T.

The hum of a java pot filled my ears while the door jingled as new customers entered this serene Roaming Goat cafe. Buried in their computers and books, college students with headphones on zoned into their studies. Decorative leaves draped from the ceiling to the shelves gives this coffee shop a cozy feel.

For sale at its shop are bags of regrulat java beans with many flavors such s Butterfly Blend, Colombian Excelso, Ethiopian Gera Estate, and Guatemala Huehuetenango. This range of beans from different countries allows you to expand your palate. A healthy alternative to roasted beans is Unroasted Green Coffee which has most of the same flavors as the regular items. If you wish to add more flavor to your cup, hazelnut, peppermint, vanilla, white chocolate, caramel syrups are available.

The Roaming Goat also offers bulk discounts. Three to 11 bags of coffee beans comes with a one-dollar discount. For 12 or more bags, there is two dollars off per bag.

If you aren’t a coffee lover, look at their teas, which range from Simple Earl Grey to Morocco Mint to Roasted Chestnut and Strawberry Oolong. You could also get tea filters for individual cups or for a gallon iced-tea pitcher.

I had trouble deciding which drink to get because of all the unique choices. So an employee patiently added their opinion on what I may enjoy. I ordered an iced vanilla latte because I like simple drinks, and this one was rich in flavor.

This welcoming atmosphere with its wooden tables gives it an earthy feeling. The demeanor of the cafe gave me a sense of tranquility. There seemed to be a sense of agreement to be quiet so everyone could relax.

The Roaming Goat Coffee Shop is at 849 N High. Hours are from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on weekends.


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