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Disney Falls Flat with Remake

I entered the theater to see Beauty and the Beast with high hopes. The first theater we went to that day was sold-out, and the hype surrounding the movie was enormous. It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t love the 1991 animated version, so the 2017 live-action version featuring the beloved Emma Watson as Belle


Camerata Achieves Superior Rating at OMEA

The singers filed into the empty gym in silence. The boys looked clean-cut and professional in their tuxedos, and the girls were uniform and elegant in their identical, floor-length, black dresses. As the singers silently filled the risers in the center of the gym, three judges stared at them, all with a device to record


2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Every year, students from Academy submit artwork and writing pieces to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (SAWA) and hope to win prizes on the regional and national scale. The SAWA are a unique opportunity for high school students to have their work published and displayed in professional galleries. The award winners on the regional


1-0 Loss for Boys Soccer in Districts

In an unfortunate end to their 2016 soccer season, the boys lost 1-0 to their to long-time rival Wellington in the district semifinals on October 26. Two injured players, Randy Yan’18 and Nate Goldfarb’17, both suffered from concussions.


Fast Food’s Grip on Us

More than just saturated fat may be in your Big Mac: would you believe these are some of the same chemicals found in food packaging, floorings, window blinds, and soaps?